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  1. So there I was... a cool piece of music

    I think BD's taste is a bit more Notting Hill than Mark's. Ideal soundtrack for a happy ending massage I suspected😀
  2. Paddy Dane might do it but you will need a stub. I have not seen the Bob& N option. There are some stories of dodgy R93 jobs from New Zealand.
  3. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    The prices seem very good, especially for the cost of the whole 6 lanes. I am still a bit confused as to how the design of the ranges makes them an effective 'no danger area' option but I may not be getting the full picture of this. I am sure the NRA will have sorted it out.
  4. Bipods are the devils work as Bradders points out. Ideal on an MG42 or Bren gun. Old fashioned I know but get hold of the forend and stop the bounce.😀
  5. They have General Stamping oconomowoc wi USA mfg90435 on bottom plate. I have seen better phosphate jobs! export only
  6. These are sealed new in plastic. American manufacture. We have around 30 of them to dispose of. £15 each plus postage. PM for photos as I cannot work out the upload procedure as yet!
  7. Precision Rifle comp

    The Royal We of course Mark! If the right venue is available I am in to organise and run it!
  8. Precision Rifle comp

    Sounds like a good day out. We really should be running some more of these although I know it's difficult to find decent venues in the South of the UK. Did the RBL shoot take place at Bisley? I was away but did not see any reports.
  9. Just bumping this one up, We really need to clear our storeroom. 243 ammunition is now £55 per 100 collected or delivered within Exeter area.
  10. I have added ammo and another rifle to this post.
  11. Remington LTR in 308.Good rifle light use but has been stored for a while. Around 200 rnds from new. It will come fitted in a new folding AICS stock with one magazine. The colour is green rather that mushy pea as the picture shows. Rifle was to be a project, threaded (m17x1 I think) and will come with Leupold QD bases but a Picatinny would be a more suitable option. Original stock will be available for separate sale, we still have some spare 5 round mags for these. Will not sell AICS without rifle. £1200 including RFD transfer. Pls contact at safeshot@btinternet.com or PM http://s36.photobucket.com/user/safeshot1/slideshow/ Just updating this one with another Remington and some ammunition. The Remington is a .243 varmint synthetic which was to be supplied in U.K. As a police model. Usual spider pattern HS precision stock, blind mag and 26 inch barrel. Unused and boxed. If you would like this in the AICS let me know. As it is £450. I have some Winchester .243 soft point 100 grain at £65 per 100. I have around 2000 rnds of this. Also some 458 win mag at £2.50 per round. Thanks for looking
  12. scope mount advice needed

    Either of the mounts mentioned are very good. Surprisingly enough on the AIs I use at work and privately, all use AI ring mounts. With correct torque setting no issues with loss of zero. They are however less attractive in every way but price!
  13. Fully moderated

    Have used the AI fully moderated a fair bit. Only really quiet with subsonic ammunition which probably will not make deer legal.in 308 drop off with this ammunition is a fair amount at 200 metres. There are some people on the forum who have had some success with fully silenced so they may reply. There is a fully moderated AT on stalking directory if you have a spare £3000
  14. We are having a clear out and these were at the back of the container! HS precision stock for Remington short action. Adjustable with cheek piece. It will take the BDL bottom metal and probable some mag conversions to AICS magazines. This is the type that HS sell as aftermarket, not a take off. Not used but has been in store. £400 https://www.hsprecision.com/shop2/rifle-stocks/remington-700/pst038/I think this is it but it is Right Handed Steyr SSG walnut stock. A replacement for any failing plastic option comes as seen without plastic mag well and trigger guard. (we may have some SSG magazines somewhere) £300 Any questions or more photos required please PM us With an email address and we will send the photos to you as the format of them is too large for upload. Thanks for looking
  15. Depends on what you expect from the rifle. We have sold some Remington LTRs in 308 which are still killing deer and shooting sub MOA with ammunition that suits them. Also have some police spec varmints left in 243 which shoot well. They are pre 2000 stock from when our previous company was the UK police agent. The Tactical rifles seem to have been left behind a bit by AI and Sako but with the arrival of the Ruger precision rifle. Remington may have no option but to supply a competitor.

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