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Kahles 624 turret issue


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Evening gents I have the above scope kahles 624i which has recently come off my 300 wsm onto my 223. so today was first the first outing to do abit of load development now foolishly I never took an Allen key to adjust the elevation turret, so typically the 223 was shooting 2 foot low @ 100 yards so that put pay to that so I came home and YouTube was my friend on how to set scope back to factory setting simple enough wind elevation all the way until maxed out loosen the grub screws then keep winding until the loose turret tops out simple then tighten and do the same process only the opposite way around until it won’t go any lower . Bingo job done but being a numb skull I now have an e elation turret that won’t do anything when I tighten the grub screws all I get is a locked turret that won’t move at all . So do any of you guys know how I can solve this tia

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