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Schmidt & Bender PM 1 1 - 8

English Rifleman

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Looking for some info regarding S & B Pm1.

I am collecting a rifle later this week, (Purchased a while back, so info is from memory only).

Rifle came with PM1  1-8 (I think) in Moa.

Deos any one have any manufactures info regarding Zero stops (or if they even have it?).

I purchased the rifle for the rifle, The scope was just on the rifle.

Would like to Zero rifle same day as collecting it, so need to find out how to set Zero and / or Zero Stop.


Cheers Lads

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I haven't used one in that magnification, but the 6X and 12X PMI scopes I have used, did have a zero stop. The turret cap should be slightly convex on the edges and have a coin slot on the top. Here's a photo.

You held the dial and rotated the turret cap until it unthreaded and could be removed, then the turret dial came off. The zero stop was set by aligning the pin in the dial with the one in the turret mechanism. It's been a few years and that's as best I remember how it worked - it was very simple and effective.

Sometimes the caps were overtightened. Put a thick piece of leather or rubber around the dial and gently grasp it with needlenose pliers, then try and find something that's a good fit for the coin slot.



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