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Hakko Scopes Opinion Please


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Hi guys I have had an email from a mate in Auz, he has asked my opinion on Hakko rifle scopes,I know that Brain Fox imports them but I dont know anyone who uses one?

He is after something with a lot of mag, I think they do up to a 12-60x56, has anyone had one ?

Any Info very very welcome

Cheers Andy :)

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Hi Andy. The only thing i know about Hakko is this that i got from another site.

Branding does not mean you know who made a scope. Branding is a process of advertising and establishing market identity, picking a price point and feature list for a given market, finding an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to make it, and then selling to that market. Adjustments are made as market conditions dictate. Market conditions include lower cost of production in emerging countries, new competition, economic trends, exchange rates, etc.


For example, Hakko scopes are not generally available in the US under that brand, but some have been available as the Tasco Super Sniper series and Springfield Gen III. There are (at least) two large riflescope manufacturing concerns in Japan, Light Optical Works and Hakko, and one in Taiwan, Asia Optical. LOW is considered the best, then Hakko and then AO. However, all make products according to spec. The more features and quality control an OEM brander wants, the more they pay for, the more they get.


So, it is quite possible to get a nicer Hakko that is a better scope than an lesser LOW (or vice-versa). However, you will pay more for the better scope, no matter who makes it.


A disturbing trend is for a company to start production of a new model in Japan. After the magazines review it and the reputation is established, manufacture is shifted elsewhere on the Pacific Rim. Examples here include the Simmons Aetec, BSA Platinum, and the Tasco World Class.

If you want the site adress let me know as there is a fair bit of information on there about different scopes.

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Hi andy,

I bought a deben night tec 4-16-56 ill ret about5 years ago and i use it all the time on my ppc for foxing and long range shooting and i have got a hakko on my 17hmr,, looking at the deben it is just a hakko with there brand name on it,, They are fantastic,, never had a problem with them at all??

Now i have got two 4-16-56,,, one on my aw


And one on my 6mm ppc :)


The only thing that i will say is that,at the moment if you buy one you do not know were it has been built??? i believe that the company has changed hands a few times in recent years

Hop this helps????



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Thanks guys I will pass on your info to my mate, its disturbing when they keep changing the maker and sticking their name on it, you never know what your gonna get.

cheers Andy :)

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