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GSAC 1000 Yd Benchrest - 15/10/17


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GSAC 1000yd Benchrest

Gelston – 15 Oct 17


A quick account of the shoot on the 15th October as I didn’t have time to do one before the November competition.

18 people were in attendance with several new faces joining our happy band. Welcome Geordie, Ian, Ian and Ken. It took slightly longer than normal to get going as some minor maintenance work was required at the butts but the crew did it with their normal efficiency, which is just as well as we were already seeing the shutters to the firing point being buffeted by the winds (was this the precursor to Ophelia?) Light and Heavy guns were first up this month and even the experience of shooters in the first relay were having trouble getting zeroed in but with the aid of our trusty spotter we were soon ready to get started but the wind had picked up significantly. How would they get on? Davie Rankin had the best of the 1st & 2nd relays with an impressive 6” group while 2 of the detail were out into the 15 & 18s in detail 1 and an 11” group while the rest were out in the 17, 19 & 21s plus several penalties. This weather definitely wasn’t making it easy. The same vein of shooting was carried into the 3rd detail but Davie was finally bitten in the last one, still with the lowest score, but this time in the 19s with the worst being in the 23s.

So, 1st detail done, let’s see what the 2nd can do. Glyn and Lewis start off reasonably matched with a mid 11 and 12 respectively but the wind takes its toll from then on, it has now picked up to the point we’re beginning to worry about the shutters staying attached to the building, but worse for the shooters, it’s now also switching from full right to half left in the matter of seconds. There’s no way that even the slickest and most experienced of benchrest shooters would beat the wind today, and so it proved for our intrepid relay. Of the remaining 12 targets to be shot in this relay 2/3rds of them recorded penalties with both Glyn and Lewis getting 5 apiece on the last relay but in amongst the carnage Glyn sneaks in a cheeky 1.141” closest to the bull. It was almost getting to the point of the wind affecting the outcome too much to carry on, however the decision was made to try and carry on for as long as possible, “ we’re here now so let’s try” being the unequivocal response from those still to shoot so detail 3 gets set up on the bench while the new butts crew heads out from the relative shelter of the firing point and into the wilds.

Relay 3 detail 1 and Darrel starts off with a mid 11 which given what’s happening out there isn’t too bad at all, and John Gilpin using a 6BR records a high 15 but to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised the wee bullets have managed to stay on the target! Not only does he manage it for the 1st detail but for all the rest as well. Well done John. Geordie Hunter using a true wildcat (6.5 SLRImproved – you can read about it in the Varmint Rifles & Heavy Plinkers section under “A Wildcat is Born” ) puts in a nice mid-10 on his 2nd detail while the rest were out in the 22s to 30s plus penalties in some cases, Darrel fights back with an amazing low 6 as the others were scoring from mid 20s to 23s but wait, Mally Johnston despite being in the 20s slips in a new nearest the bull of 0.826”. Nice one Mally. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t improve any and the final detail of the light and heavy guns saw the groups range from a high 15” to a mid 36” but at least all shots were on target.


Time for the factory guys to have a go but we’re now starting to loose visibility as the forecasted rain arrives. Let’s give it a go though. Again, as you would expect there are no truly amazing groups, however Ed Walker gets down to the mid 11s in the 2nd relay but everyone is struggling now and although the 3rd relay is completed that’s it for today. The visibility has got to the point the range warning flags have disappeared from view, not to mention the targets, so the organisers are left with no option but to call a halt to proceedings for today.

Thanks to all that attended today, and for those that didn’t get a chance to shoot the promise you’ll be up first next month. To all the new attendees, we hope you enjoyed your visit…. And hope to see you next time.



https://www.dropbox.com/s/y140gkjraqtf4lx/Gelston 20171015.xlsx?dl=0


https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksvmi7ua26j288x/Gelston league 20171015.xlsx?dl=0


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