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243 ackley improved

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Hi everone my first centrefire was a remington pss in 223 , then i bought my 6PPC -fantastic rifle and caliber. I then wanted to get something that bucked the wind for those longer range shots , espicialy when it is windy!!!!

I went for a RPA INTERCEPTOR in 243 ACKLEY IMPROVED with a 26 inch 1 in 9 twist BORDER barrel . For fireforming loads i chose LAPUA brass which i cut to length / debured the flash holes and uniformed the primer pockets , I also was using FEDERAL 210 MATCH PRIMERS . To form the brass i used a fast burning powder for caliber and used H4895 at a grain under maximum and seated the 105 a-max bullets 18 thou into lands so i had a good jam!!! I do this because i do not want the brass to have any movement toward the bolt face!!!!!!!!! I just want the brass to flow to the ackley chamber!!! This has worked fine for me with no problems of buggered brass. Once i have formed my brass i clean and neck size as normal and cut to uniform length i then worked up a load of 47 grains of VIHT N165 with the 105 a-max seated ten thou into lands , This was averaging 3150FPS , I did go to 48 grains of VIHT N165 which gave me over 3200FPS but here came the downside the brass was only lasting 5 firings and this is why i backed off a grain. To me this is a cracking combination for varminting because you have quite a flat shooting bullet for weight for caliber and a good BC of .500 for the 105 a-max , its accurate and that 105 a-max is sure explosive!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres a picture of the ackley.........500yds105a-maxtesting003.jpg


500YDS testing with 243 ACKLEY / RANGFINDER / WINDMETER AND BALLISTIC DATA......500ydswith243ackley007.jpg


401yds bunnie with 105 a-max.............243ackley-400yds.jpg


Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i have sharing it with you.............

HAPPY VARMINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A intresting and informative read indeed Varminter from what i have been picking up from this site it is now much clearer on fireforming just the wait for my rifle to be done is now starting to get to me a bit , i also have read some were that there is a long wait for kreiger barrels so i think this is what is slowing things up

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Thankyou darrel , foxshot and andy for your kind words :huh::o

Foxshot , dont worry buddy - when i ordered my krieger for my ppc the gunsmith had none in my specifications so he was kind enough to tag my order in!!! Some dealers have certain makes ready to go and others i am afraid have to be ordered!! Now to the point!! My barrel took 5 months to come but i will tell ya this - ITS BLOODY WELL WORTH IT!!!! have been out late this evevning and started with 291 / 224 and then 275 yds bunnie!!! I am over the moon with callums work and all i can say is " its more than worth the wait"

Foxshot if the itch and wait gets too much , come down to cornwall and do some varminting with us cornish boys - it will probably help stop that itch :blink: :blink:

All the very best guys and thanks again.............

RAY.............. :P:D:o:lol:

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