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  1. If this is still available I'll take it. And will collect. Martin
  2. Hi is this still for sale? Is it right bolt left port? Martin
  3. Hi Mud Ill take this if still available Martin
  4. Hi Vince how are you getting on with the Bix n Andy
  5. Martin M

    Best 1000 yard Benchrest Heavy Gun Calibre

    what about me 8 tracks all ok here for tomorrow night
  6. Martin M

    Best 1000 yard Benchrest Heavy Gun Calibre

    thats why I need a bigger seat in the spud mobile
  7. Martin M

    Best 1000 yard Benchrest Heavy Gun Calibre

    I think the 6xc is probably the way to go as Laurie said no fire forming. I have just had the Smack rebarrelled it was a hard decision whether to go with dasher or the 6xc or stay with the smack, I decided to stick with the smack only because I have best part of a thousand Swiss Match cases and the dies etc. The only problem with the Swiss Match brass is it can't take the pressure like the Lapua and Norma brass I can't run much over 3000 fps as the primer pockets fail quickly. I shoot it in 1k Br and F-Class, I finished 18th in the World Championships at Bisley with it, it was the only 6mm shot in the comp. Its only weakness was at 1000yds it couldn't keep up with the big boomers. The Sweeds shoot the 6xc they recon they can get over 3200 fps with no pressure problems, at the European F-Class Championships Christa cleaned the 1000yd target with either 13 or 14 v's so with the extra speed it looks it could be ideal for a 1000yd heavy gun. But wheres the fun in using a case that doesnt need lots of work and fire forming I would only sit in front of the telly and get fat.
  8. Martin M

    Best 1000 yard Benchrest Heavy Gun Calibre

    Smack um thats what I say and I have a new barrel
  9. Martin M

    Question for Mr Holland

    thats the way to go then
  10. Martin M

    Question for Mr Holland

    SMACK it:) Have you got any dasher dies in stock -
  11. Martin M

    F-Class (and other BR) loading aids

    Seb makes boxes for various calibres and for his rest too. What calibre are you looking for ? Give Brian Fox a call he had several instock. Martin
  12. Martin M

    Blaser mags

    ok just thought id ask
  13. Martin M

    Blaser mags

    Can you get 10 round mags for the blaser LRS system? Martin
  14. Martin M

    Roll on Diggle this weekend

    Hi Simon I believe there is an informal practice in the afternoon I was going but I had to cancel tonight due to work problems. Just remember kids get cocky thats the best time to beat them. Have a good shoot. Martin

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