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  1. kent

    Custom 17 hornet

    that might be a fair assessment judging by the importers reluctance to import any rifles at current rates. I don't get it myself the .22 variant will do all this will do for us in the uk and then the bigger .222 upwards and .20's take over at longer ranges. Heck if someone wants fast and small buy a .17 rem and be done with it
  2. kent

    Custom 17 hornet

    I have suffered feed issues with the 527 in the .22 variant of the hornet. Polishing and general tuning of the mag helps a lot, though the half breed bottle necked yet also rimmed case might just be a step too far? The .17 CZ wont be seen here until exchange rates go in the importers favour I recon, there is already quite a backlog of so called available models that don't exist on our shores
  3. kent

    what would you do?

    My thoughts have always lead to the fact that if 6br really worked in a mag feed we should see more in factory guns. Its just my opinion but if I need a mag feed I want it slick and just plain stone reliable, nothing worse than hearing the click onto an empty chamber in the field. The single stack Tikkas I have owned / shot never fed quite so slick as the double stack Sako anyhow, interesting to hear other views as mine is limited to conventional hunting rounds known to feed well.
  4. kent

    Jump space.

    in .243 win look towards the 95 grain Nosler B/T. I have shot deer both far and near with it without undue meat damage, yet have never had it pencil on a fox. Its highly accurate in most .243's and offers good long range ballistics and I run it as fast as I can. Other 95 grn bullets I have tried were not such a great cross over, I have been told the 70grn Nosler is also good on Roe /fox but personally find it too explosive on fox to bother trying it on deer. I wonder about the 87 grn Hornady HPBT varmint bullet I have been using of recent, yet I shoot very few Roe these days
  5. kent

    Jump space.

    Certainly cant go far wrong with that approach
  6. kent

    flighty scales

    The point was more the amount of things that can send them screwy and the difficulty of calibrating. He also mentioned the sort of cost of "proper kit" Still they are much faster than beam scales
  7. kent

    flighty scales

    Its an interesting one. My friend is a chemist and although he doesn't shoot when I told him the tollerances I wanted he said forget electronic unless you have Lab conditions and calibrations. I only use electronic for weighing shot now
  8. kent

    Jump space.

    Andrew, I couldn't agree more, the manufacturer tries to prevent the occurance of a Jamb into the rifling with the longer bullets pertaining to the calibre, then people think they must load a factory rifle like a bench gun. Try for example getting a 55 grn Nosler to touch the rifling in a .243 win factory gun, the bullet will likely drop out the case before you get there. However they seem to shoot pretty well in most with a large jump
  9. Unfortunately what is missing is the ignorance of the anti to the facts. Explain them and 99.99% of them don't listen. To be fair many are anti by nature and are not actually interested in the facts. About 30 yrs ago I saw an anti totally converted. He had come to protest outside an old open entry BASC / BFFS road show (why don't we see those now) anyway his banner waving mates stayed stayed outside and he went inside to argue his point with a keeper. The keeper talked to him about the songbirds that he fed along with the pheasant, why the woods were not cut down in the past to make bigger fields etc.,etc. Any how at the end of their chat he had arranged to have a guided tour of the shoot. However at the end he did say "what about foxhunting then?" the keeper (a wise man) said "Dunno, never been ask the huntsman he is over there I am sure he will explain his sport".
  10. Make a clear point please. I for one cannot understand the bit of manipulating the environment which you don't like. All land in the UK has been manipulated for centuries and its impossible to turn the clock back. The Grouse moor next to me is being re-established to shootable levels presently and a very fine job is being done of it, to a not inconsiderable cost to the lease holder I shall bet. The keeper comes on this site now and again and I doubt he is the 1% you mention correctly managed Grouse moor is one of the best environments in our land. Red Grouse as a bird is not exactly common outside of the UK and Ireland. Better not to become a knocker because like many I do not have the funds to enjoy a few days on the grouse with the gun. The best I might enjoy is a day with the dogs, besides I am a bit of a tight wad
  11. Seems to have been closed for the vote as they were not getting what they wanted, put a comment on which couldn't go up and vote button gone
  12. In some respects it does, if the angle of the dangle is more extreme and the trajectory far more pronounced like in a low power airgun so the question aint so daft IMO
  13. kent

    The ultimate Fox vermin rifle

    Something between .222 rem and .243 win. I think it might be something at the smaller end as bigger cal means more tube and heavier gun to me- not ideally suited to going out the truck window. Yet what is long range? 250yds is a long range shot with .22 Hornet but is only just over were I might zero a .243 win say with lighter Varmint bullets.
  14. kent

    .243 and H414

    I only consider 100yds a fair test for a .243 if that's all your likely to shoot at OR your just looking for the pressure limits or velocity testing. I don't believe in messing around with jump with most bullets in a hunting rifle, if the chamber is specifically cut or if your on VLD's etc fair enough, other than that its a bit of a fools errand as far as my results go. Case in point most factory .243 win will shoot 55's rather darn well but you wont get them anywhere close to the rifling. Hunting rifles need clearance, competitive rifles are another matter- just my thoughts and experiences, I used to think different once over
  15. kent

    .243 and H414

    That's interesting that you feel the bullet is giving you that fine node, I found the revese with a its brother the #2442 87 grain varmint. I must say I personally really struggle to get meaningful results with most loads till the distance increases

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