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2020 Precision Rifle Steel Target Comp Dates

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Starting a thread to list the forthcoming Precision Rifle Steel Target Competitions in the UK and Irish Republic for 2020

I’ll also post links to International Competitions if they are of interest but won’t list the US based ones as there are so many 

When dates of competitions are known they will be posted here with  appropriate contact details and dates 

This will be for all competitions of this type and not limited to any in particular and will not be biased towards or against any either as I am trying to get more people involved in the fabulous and challenging sport without involving “politics”


It should allow entrants to choose which to enter and plan ahead 


Hopefully 2020 will be an exciting  year for this type of shooting competition 

Post will be locked as it’s for info only





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Update so far - have requested 2020 Comp details from UK, Scandinavia and  Republic of Ireland - who are about to start their own Precision Rifle Series at three venues over the water
There are also dates to be posted for the forthcoming PRL competitions as well as a stunning new venue in Scotland which goes under the name Valhalla Precision 


I will update as and when competition dates and venue locations are received and post here in the following order Month, Comp Name, Location and contact detail


Once dates and locations are confirmed, you will be able to see and choose competitions to enter across the country without the need to search and end up in a google or social media  rabbit-hole 



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