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island man

S&B Zenith

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Hello Does anyone have any experience with the S&B Zenith 3/12/50 Flash Dot4 Reticle? I am interested to know about the turrets Pozi something or other all the best. 

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I have the flashdot 7 reticle and it’s fine, my concern with the FD4 would be the thicker posts at last/low light obscuring part of the quarry/target taking longer to get on.  Dot is crisp at all settings.

There’s not much to say about the elevation turret other than it works and gives 30 + (off the top of my head) clicks so more than enough for hunting ranges, the turret drum/cap is the same design as the first PM models with a ‘coin depression’ in it for unscrewing unless they have changed it to the sleeker looking type seen on the Polar/Stratos ranges which more resembles the PMII scaled down. There is no adjustable windage/deflection drum. 

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