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    Scope for driven Boar

    Jimmy, I’ve used both Aimpoint and Swarovski 1-6x24 a Schmidt 2.5-10x56. All have their advantages and disadvantages, I would suggest trying before you commit if you can. Personally I prefer the Aimpoint (particularly in heavy woodland, although there can be some pretty open pegs) for driven as I just find I can get onto the pigs quicker than with a variable but occasionally the magnification is handy for longer shots, sometimes the pigs/deer aren’t that close or moving particularly fast. Whatever you get practice is more important than anything else. If I was on a budget and it wasn’t a scope going to be used solely on driven game I’d go for a variable (probably 2.5-10x56) as you have more flexibility, if your plonked in a high seat for pigs under the moon you will probably find the scope ends up set on 7 or 8 and it wouldn’t be wasted on a hill either. This is of course just my opinion which I’ve formed having spoken to, looked at what German friends (who are big into driven hunting) use and have personally used over the past 15 years or so that I have been doing driven hunts. If you have plenty of cash get swing off mounts and both an Aimpoint and variable.
  2. A friend has a Remington 700 BDL in 7mm Ultra Mag and is looking for a conversion kit to change from floorplate to magazine as his sausage fingers struggle to top load due to a picatinny rail. Can anyone advise of the best and most reasonably priced solution as the advertised ones we have seen are for other calibres and don’t want to go for it unless we know it will work. Cheers Mick
  3. Due to purchasing a different scope than planned I have a brand new set of Tenebraex flip up covers for a 5-25x56 PMII.Normally your in excess of £100-120 plus postage for these but I got them off an other member and looking to get back what I paid for them so after £78 posted. Will be advertised elsewhere. They may fit other models of scopes if you check the guide on https://tenebraex.com/ thanks Mick
  4. Genuine Eotech XP2. Condition is Used. I bought this second hand from Bushwear a few months ago but I’m now wanting something with magnification, mark on rear underside of rail as per photos which isn’t noticeable when mounted, works off a CR123 battery. Glass unmarked. This is the non nightvision model. Think it’s a 1moa dot with a 65moa ring from recollection. Suitable for driven boar/AR platforms etc. Looking for £225 plus postage which I’d say would be a tenner, anymore and I’ll pay the difference. Apologies for the quality of the pictures of the sight picture but they were done with my phone. Advertised elsewhere. Can’t seem to upload any more photos but can send them to interested parties.
  5. No problem, if you PM me we can arrange things from there. It comes as is which is how I got it.
  6. Can I get the Magpul RSA please Mark, PM me payment details inc postage thanks. Mick
  7. Does anyone have or has used one of these as looking for some first hand review. Seem cheap opposed to aimpoint but only have an option of 4moa dot. It will be to go on a .22. Thanks in advance.
  8. Mick9abf

    Vortex Strike Fire II red dot

    Cheers I did think 4moa dot would be a bit too big
  9. Mick9abf

    S&B Zenith

    I have the flashdot 7 reticle and it’s fine, my concern with the FD4 would be the thicker posts at last/low light obscuring part of the quarry/target taking longer to get on. Dot is crisp at all settings. There’s not much to say about the elevation turret other than it works and gives 30 + (off the top of my head) clicks so more than enough for hunting ranges, the turret drum/cap is the same design as the first PM models with a ‘coin depression’ in it for unscrewing unless they have changed it to the sleeker looking type seen on the Polar/Stratos ranges which more resembles the PMII scaled down. There is no adjustable windage/deflection drum.
  10. Mick9abf

    CNC Foam cutting?

    Try Trojan crates in Aberdeen. https://www.trojancrates.co.uk/
  11. I hope you 'garnished' it with extra swarf before taking the pictures - just for that flap effect!!
  12. Mick9abf

    S&B Scope Shade

    I have one surplus to requirements which I bought hoping it would fit a Swaro - it doesn't!! PM me if your interested
  13. Mick9abf

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    I'm sure Mike Yardley knows of a lot of the shooting related websites and I'm sure if he wanted to he could put up a reply or clarify his position although he would no doubt get rinsed for it. Personally I don't really have much time for him whether he can shoot or not. Yes he comes across well however so do a number of other absolute weapons grade belters. What he has done however is chin a lot of people off who have started digging and it appears that he may not be quite the person he claims to be regarding military service/counter terrorist experience etc. This could be his major downfall as, from reading other sites, the American gun press won't touch him now. Unless he has provenance for his 'expertise', and in fact if he has 'over egged the custard' relating to his apparent military service/experience/expertise then he will soon become the person who no one goes to and thus, as a freelance, will not get any work published. If I was him I'd be trying to do some damage limitation, but he strikes me as being a bit to arrogant for that.
  14. No dramas, think we're singing off the same hymn sheet now
  15. My understanding is that as it's on a section 1 certificate you are bound by the wording in said certificate ie vermin/pests under general licence which doesn't make sense as you could go down the line of only loading one or two into the magazine for game, I'll happily stand corrected if I'm wrong. There is no problem with the standard auto on a shotgun certificate for shooting game as far as I'm aware.
  16. Specify a multi shot shotgun for shooting pest species under general licence, standby however for a request of extra letters of authority if it's anything like Scotland........ As for targets/practical I cannot advise. It's also worth remembering that it isn't legal to shoot wildfowl/game with a multi shot even if you only load two squibs into it.

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