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lenth or powder

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if this is I the wrong place then please move it 

I am looking at loading .308 for a 1.10 twist barrel and have a coal and have measured to the lands.

even giving 20 thou off the lands a sammi spec GGG round is 60 thou off.

I am using Swiss reload and have data sheets from them regarding the nominal weight of propellant to the weight of the head

should I

1 load the rounds in .5 of a grain to find the best for the rifle leaving the head 80 thou off the lands


2 start with the nominal load and set the distance from the lands? 

I don't know whether to set the distance from the lands or sort out the charge first 

any thoughts or help will the greatly appreciated

this is the first time I am reloading .308 and don't want to bugger it up :)

many thanks  

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Powder charge first....(initially yes, in 0.5 increments) .......Then, fine tune the load by reducing the increments to 0.2g or 0.3g......

Once the load has been determined, and depending on what design/bullet you use, you'll more than likely won't bother to faff around measuring +/- to or from the lands 


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