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Can this be right?

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Thing is, these Vloggers / reviewers all bring their own bullshit bias and opinions. In many instances, they've an agenda and usually some sponsorship or deal to push their viewers onto the next latest and greatest. After all, new sales keeps the world on turning, right!?

I'm sure that everyone's aware of PRB's scope tests. If not, educate yourself here: 


Whilst a few years old (and doesn't include some the newest optics, such as the Razor GenII) the fact is the method involved in testing all the scopes still stands up. Using the best industry optical and mechanical calibration standards, coupled with blind testing using subjects of various ages, no alliegence to brand or model and with no particular interest in shooting, he's done the best he (or anyone) could to provide results devoid of bias or bullshit. Yes the PMII isn't perfect mechanically, optically etc...but it's consistently up there across the board which is why it won overall.

im far more interested in knowing both the qualitative & quantitative data, collected in a scientific and methodical manner, than some 'experts opinion' from some self appointed nonce.


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Nail on head RE the PRB test.  It stands alone AFAIK in being the only truly objective group review of LR/tactical scopes. For that reason, despite being a few years old, it carries the most weight other than personal experience as far as I am concerned.

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PMii arriving in a few days. I'll update this with initial thoughts and when I get round to it, fwiw, post a tracking box test.  A lot of thought and looking through a lot of scopes as well as using them has brought me round full circle back to a PMii.  It's the right decision for me. The biggest thing I've learned in this lengthy process which has been ongoing for some months now is to ignore completely most if not all subjective on line reviews, take what you need from properly objective ones (few and far between) and make the effort to beg, borrow or try as many scopes that you shortlist as possible.

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On 23/02/2018 at 8:13 PM, Catch-22 said:

I too think the fixation on tunnelling is just a load of mint choc chip. My 5-25x56 PMII just sits somewhere between 18-22, no reason to go lower at 600m-1200m.

i love the H2CMR reticle, personally I think it's the best reticle out there on any scope. It's thin, hash marks every 0.2mil, dots every 1mil and ranging subtentions at 0.1mil. Pretty much all other reticles are 0.5mil, far too coarse for fine adjustments/holdovers at extended ranges I feel. The H2CMR makes the fine holdovers easy! 

I never really liked any of the IOR or ACTAR/BEAST reticles, just not as useful / easy to use as the H2CMR I found.



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Good ret but as a personal choice, I prefer the P4F which is the one I've bought.  Agree RE IOR rets.  Nice glass spoilt by rets that are too thick for precision work.

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I initially thought that the IOR Recons coarse reticle was a result of the 4x lower end. 4-28x is quite a span for an FFP scope.

I never really thought that the ‘too fine at low mag/too thick at high mag’ argument concerning FFP reticles held much water - but the IOR Recon changed my mind. There is definitely a limit to how much you can scale an FFP reticle.

I think that there’s also an argument that the IOR is a tactical/military thoroughbred, and the ret will be designed with the same considerations as many dawn/dusk hunting scopes. Certainly the illumination on my Recon is only really daylight visible at the 11 setting.

With regards to glass quality, and whether you actually NEED it or not, I think it all comes down to how much you enjoy your shooting. You can watch David Attenborough on the type of TV that Tesco sells, or you can pop in to John Lewis and pony up for a 4K beast with state of art Dolby surround sound speakers. It’s the same content, but the two experiences will be worlds apart. And it’s very easy to become ‘spoilt’.

For me, especially now that I’ve got my calibre/rifle sorted, the glass is the single largest factor in determining how much I ENJOY my shooting. Shooting three different scopes will give me three entirely different experiences, even although all other things are equal. Something as simple as eye-box can easily force you into an uncomfortable/unfamiliar position at either ends of the mag scale, and in my experience it’s difficult to know what’s going to work for you until you’ve gotten down behind the rifle and put it through it’s paces over a good few different sessions.

Spending money on top glass isn’t going to make me a better shooter, but it is going to make me a happier shooter - and ultimately that’s surely what it’s all about?

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I didn't need to mount it.  Out of the box, rested on a shooting bag next to my rifle with a DMR mounted to it, the DMR was much MUCH better with way lower chromatic aberration.  A scope doesn't have to be mounted on a rifle to see that.  As a result of this, feeding back to the supplier resulted in them checking their other stock of M5xi scopes and they found the same thing.  They are sending the whole lot back and refusing to take any more in as they agree with my findings.

As a complete contrast, I now have a PM2 mounted to my 6.5 and it's in another league (better).  The fine ret is also perfect at full mag (unlike the IORs) being only 0.035Mrad ret thickness (3.5mm at 100m or 3.5cm/1000m which is plenty fine enough for me).

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