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Lovex SO62

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Can anyone give me starting point for Lovex SO62 in a .308 with a 175gr HPBT bullet?

Can't find much loading data for it, or best to plumb between 168- 180?


This will be through a Tikka Varmint with 20".



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SO62 used to be called Accurate Arms 4064 and was modeled to have pretty similar characteristics to the IMR powder of the same name, so IMR-4064 can be used a general guide to starting loads.


However, .... I still have a copy of the 'Accurate' reloading manual from those far back days when SO62 and Accurate 4064 were one and the same thing, so here is the official information.


308 Win

Remington case

CCI-200 primer

Sierra 175gn HPBT match

2.800" COAL

staring load ........... 39.1gn 2,303 fps

maximum load ....... 43.5gn 2,618 fps ........ 59,300 psi


(24 inch barrel)


My own experience with this powder and running it through QuickLOAD to see how this works out suggests you can likely go a little higher, say up to an additional grain weight depending on the make of cartridge case you're using, and getting on for 2,700 fps MV should be 'on' with a 24-inch barrel.


Like its IMR namesake, it is a very good choice for 308 Win with 150-175gn bullets.

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All the data is on the Lovex site in PDF format, but as you say the 175 isn't listed, I'd go for the 180 starting load of 40.1gr and check your velocities. it's 1.6gr lower than the 168gr.

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Had the opportunity to get these chrono'd yesterday - with 41gr under a 175gr they came out at 2280 (20" barrel).


I might be over simplifying this but can anyone give me a ballpark idea of what to go up in steps by?

Looking at the data above I think I can afford to jump in at 43 and go up from there - is that a fair comment.


Looking at Strelok, which I'll admit im not that up on it looks like its falling out of the sky at 800.

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