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  1. silentsoulsleave308holes

    help needed for the good guys

    some of you will know that i have been on here for a long time and would do any thing to help any one and whilst lately i have been busy and not had time to visit often an post i have popped on to see whats going down . i am trying to help a bunch of guys who are putting everything on the line to go help the displaced women and children in syria and help with training the Peshmerga and fight isis. they are in need of weapons cleaning kits, knifes, scopes, mounts and any thing else you can spare how ever small or big. i went through my gear and was amazed how much pouches, chest rig, back pack, smock, knives, buff,belts camelbak,bipod etc etc i had spare, it mounted up and cleared some space they need gear and a little cash to go help these people get there homes back and stop this evil please help in any way you can, they havent long before they deploy visit shar williams on facebook to read more and find the links of where to donate or ask questions, there are a couple of other links to visit but here is one http://fnd.us/c/2yww8 hope it works i have been in contact with these guys for a little while now one since before it become public and it is all legit, its been in newspapers, news etc thank you for your help jamie webb
  2. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Bullet Jump

    One of the most important or probe rely the most important thing I found that changed my grouping and spread over the chronograph. Consistency etc etc was using a bronze brush in a drill to scrub put the necks to rid them of alllll carbon deposit so when sizing they are spoon consistent. So consistent on seating and so consistent on tention . Some body once asked me how can he reduce his shot to shot spread as he was getting around 160 to 180 sometimes. I asked if when his brass was new did they all size nice and snug and seat bullets nice and snug and now the brass has been fired a few times does it seem that some size too easy some are tight and some are slacker seating bullets and some are tight. He looked really shocked and said that's exactly like that. I said I bet you either clean your necks with a nylon brush or not at all. The bronze brush in the drill getting the case neck internal glee ming sorted it
  3. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Bullet Jump

    Then please except my apologies as I read it you were being hostile.it seamed that way to me and that's my mistake. The gun has shot many sub .1 groups and is the cheapest rifle I ever picked up.i bought another that is basically brand new been sat in armoury so now have two lucky me they are quite rare as they are between a cadet and m84 so I have two spare sets of target flat top sights for m83 m84 m85 both quick detachable for sale if you know any one. When I did the group with skanys m84 x5 rounds .086 he posted it on here .he hadn't had the gun long and got it only coz how well mine shot and he wasn't sure about how it shot so I asked him if I could shoot it with the loads that I asked him to load for it instead of the other loads he had been playing with and I done the nice group. The first three rounds were truly in the same hole one the last two opened it slightly. The group is on here somewhere just look up skanys. I have been on here for years and years now I am not a noob to the site. When I done my 22thou I look every where on the net to see if it was a record. I couldn't find if it was but what I could find is that it wouldn't count as it would have had to have been done at an affiliated br club at least I think that's right if memory serves. It's something like that anyway. The miles off thing is my jump to lands. I got a looping jump in my 308 that is my most accurate shooter. Work that out when other people including myself with other guns go stuffing bullets in or near the lands. Actually there is science to back it up but I Nintendo thumb typing on this dam smart phone. Redding buy a stoney point or hornady oal gauge and seat the best looking tipped bullet to the depth you want. Then insert the correct collet for your cal into the holder and attach to a vernier and close vernier and zero. Now open it and measure the bullet and case you just made and write the figure down in your reloading manual. Now next time you adjust your die for some reason and have to set it back for those lead tip bullets you have a comparative head measurement instead of the col measurement so it won't matter how messed up the lead tip is as it will be measured off the copper jacket Instead.
  4. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Bullet Jump

    It's col. I went back to basics many years ago after visiting the world's largest ammo manufacturer and realised a few things. I am on my way from work to the indoor range. When I get home later I will measure the jump for you if need be for other people I will find those groups and post them and contact witnesses to post too and m show how when you zero caliper closed then open to your cal then zero then measure overall group.this gives centre to centre sorry don't mean to have a rant just can't believe someone who doesn't know me would out of the blue have a go at me about stuff . The measuring gives the same value. I did say groups were signed and witnessed by respected shooters . Sorry redding not having a go at you of course
  5. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Bullet Jump

    The group looks like a one 308 shot at paper with just the slightest open one side. Just a few months before I did a group with skanys rifle that HE posted that was x5 rounds 86thou that was witnessed and signed by a lot of people. If you measure outside to outside then minus the cal it's the same thing isn't it. Interesting though how I just posted trying to help ànd get jumped on yet ask for help myself about quick load 100 plus people read and no one helps nice one
  6. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Bullet Jump

    My most accurate gun is my longest jumping gun by miles and I mean miles although it's best group to date witnessed and signed by a number of respected shooters was x5 rounds 22thou. It's a 308 seated at 2.810 155 amax 44gr variety br2 primer. By 22thou I mean set caliper to 308 then zero and measure group
  7. silentsoulsleave308holes


    when you increased the loads from the minimum load did the pressure marks on the cases decrease ???? it is possible to get these signs when the under loading for instance it is considered dangerous to start at the minimum start point with 300wm and it is recomended to start at 10% below max and work up or down from there. not saying this is the case for all cals but it is certainly pos for others too the pressure signs you say? were they flat primers or case swipes? or both is the load a load you worked out in the cooler days not so long ago and now its warmed right up it maybe giving you some extra pressure????? i have seen chambers where the shoulder junction gets missed out in the cleaning and the carbon hardens decreasing head space a little giving case swipes its late so sorry for any typo's just trying to throw some ideas
  8. silentsoulsleave308holes

    quick load

    57 views and no replies. would have thought someone would help
  9. silentsoulsleave308holes

    quick load

    could any one help me out please....... i have an old copy of quick load that was on an ancient pc with xp. the disc wont load on windows 7 and i could really do with checking a load for 7.62x39 reloader 10x and hornady 7.62 cal .310 bullets number 3140 if any body could be so kind as to run it for me i would be really thankfull. barrel length is 18" and its a bolt gun so max or near max loads would be the better ones as loads and pressures given will most likely be for clack clack guns many thanks ja
  10. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Parker Hale scope mounting

    ken Farrell on my two
  11. tis a shame to have to part with such a lovely thing to find some money . if you dont mind me asking and just tell me to mind my own business if you dont wanna say but if you need the money to buy shooting related stuff or need it for personal reasons then maybe we can all help. i would rather spare a little cash or spare some shooting stuff I may have just laying around that you can make use off
  12. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Different way to hold a scope on.

    oh and also looking at it again, the type of rest, bag combo he has chosen is not the best in the world which explains why he needs the extra brace also
  13. silentsoulsleave308holes

    Different way to hold a scope on.

    i often hold this way, as long as your hand is on resting on or over the rings area etc the reason I do it is that, and if you watch the video I think you can just about work it out is that sometimes on a bench when the gun is resting on the bipod or front rest slightly higher than usual your body can be more upright so you and your arms and chest aint laid low into the bench where your elbows are spread out wide, finger on the trigger and other hand supporting rear bag just try and picture it,normal way, arms spread out, weight relaxed on bench. now picture shooting up hill into a valley so your bipod is raised more, now your body is more upright, your right elbow(if your right handed) is still on the bench and your right trigger finger on the trigger, now your left hand can do one of two things,, 1) stay as it normally would and support the rear bag or 2) because the gun and you are higher the support is lost a little so rest your left elbow on the bench or a bean bag and brace the top of the gun somewhere (the scope mount area) hey presto you have triangulated everything making it rigid. sorry me just dribbling on, hopefully you catch my drift

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