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  1. RAW


    Where abouts are you based, would be interested in seeing the Ward in action as a good friend of mine is looking to make a jump onto a thermal for his rifle?


    Best regards



  2. Smb

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Hi guys A friend has 2 of the wt thermals the 75-3 and the 35-3 and i also have the 35-3 you really need to see these scopes in action to rwalise how good they are, with the 75-3 ,with the 75-3 on max mag you can put the dot insidw a rabbits head at 300 lazered meters no problem the pic as expexted at that mag is a little pixelated what you get is a great picture ,you dont need to worry about the unit recalibrating when.your ab to take a shot,as they are shutterless so you have a completely uninterupted view if anyone is serious about buying 1, i can arrange a viewing if you can get down to worcestershire, and we can.sort out a mutual time between myself the farmer friend with the big thermal and yourself I have no connection with clive apart from myself and my farmer friend being satisfied customers ,my farmer friend who is 76, was struggling to find the foxes with normal nv (a doubled photon) it transformed his foxing and enjoyment!! He regulary takes foxes easily to juat over 300m ,He has his bolted on a 22-250 and ive also used it on a 300 win mag no problem whatsover with full house 200g loads So much so he bought the smaller 35-3 also for his 22. He had a slight problem that turned out to be a battery wire!! Clive had the unit collected by courier and returned by courier! Free of charge and the turn around time was ab 5 days,so a great unit and a great aftersales service Rgds steve
  3. Smb

    Remington 700 SA Rail

    Recknagl 20 moa, rem.short action only sat on top of rifle and was to much moa for a photon on a 300 blackout. £50 postd next day rmsd Paypal fees your side Rgds scirroco
  4. Please read the selling Stickies Thanks Admin
  5. Thanks for the info guys..bradders pm on its way Rgds steve
  6. Hi guys, first post here,need recomendations for a sound mod for 300 blackout,going to be run purely subsonic using 90g xtps upto the 200+heavis,rifle rem 700 16 inch barrel,cans i have considered are olc and ase s7,any info greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Smb

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