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  1. Sorry I thought I had put that in : it’s the 4A/300I
  2. For sale £1800 includes Swarovski magnetic lense covers. Less than 12 months old and has had very little use.
  3. 3 months old, no longer required. Boxed excellent condition.
  4. In all the moderator tests that I have seen and been present at, baffle size in relation to calibre makes the biggest impact to sound suppression. If you are after the quietest moderator, you need to get a calibre specific moderator. There’s probably a good reason why AI aren’t forthcoming with the information you have asked for.
  5. I was going to put it on a 17hmr , I already have another thermal on my Centre fire and I’m just not going to get the use out of it to justify the investment.
  6. Hi Chris, sorry but I don’t need another scope. Regards, Nick
  7. Hardly used Pulsar Thermion XM50 Thermal Scope £3000 includes Leupold 30mm Scope mouts
  8. 20ppc

    Rongland Thermal Scopes

    Cheers Bruce, that’s what I thought.
  9. Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge of Rongland Thermal Scopes, good or bad. I have never heard of them. Nick
  10. 20ppc

    New T-Ceptor Thermal Rifle Scopes

    Thanks Steve, Do you have his mobile?
  11. 20ppc

    New T-Ceptor Thermal Rifle Scopes

    Hi Clive, I’m interested in one of your new scopes, what’s the best way of contacting you? Regards, Nick
  12. For sale Zeiss Victory RF 10x56 T Range Finder Binoculars £1200 posted. Excellent binos just not using them as I am no longer stalking. Nick
  13. 20ppc

    Spyderco Triangle sharp maker

    Hi Steve, I have used one for years, they are excellent. Easy to use with very good results. I spoke to Alan Wood(Custom Knife Maker) a couple of years ago and its what he uses and recommends. Regards, Nick
  14. 20ppc

    The 7 Royal Marines

    Hi Matt, Totally agree with you, this is the same sort of left wing liberal bullshit that led to a good friend of mine being being arrested, charged ,imprisoned and finally released having his conviction quashed after a shooting in Northern Ireland in the early 90's. He was a victim of the same sort of morally corrupt political leadership that we have today. By trying to appease the insurgents we do nothing except to reinforce their believe that we are week western infidels. To compare these lads who have lost 7 of their mates to enemy action to Saville is deeply insulting to any one who has put their life on the line in the service of the country, to say I am disgusted is an understatement. Nick
  15. 20ppc

    short barrel

    Hi, I used to have a 26" barrel on my 20ppc, like you I found it too long for a foxing rifle. I did a bit of research and have now got a 17" Bartlein barrel !! I have lost about 150fps and its shooting 39gr blitzkings at around 3800fps with 5 shot groups of between .1 and .25 moa. Zeroed 1" high at 100yards the drop at 300 is 2.5" The furthest fox I have shot was about 4 weeks ago at 520 yards, although this was on one of those rare evenings with no wind!! Chopping the barrel has had no effect on accuracy at all, if anything its improved the barrel harmonics, I would have no hesitation in advising you to go down to 20" as the .20tac is a more efficient cartridge than the 20ppc. As a uk fox rifle the 20calibres do not need long barrels. Hope this helps, if you need to know anything else just ask. ATB. Nick

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