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    6.5CM/RS62 Updates

    Very interesting post, I would be very interested to see velocities when the temperature starts to drop, so we can get a handle on whether the velocity increase is due to temp or barrel break in.
  2. Thanks for the reply Laurie, that is interesting to know about the SR magnum vs standard primers. So the question remains what could have caused the tight bolt lift and ejector marks? VarmLR are you FL resizing, or just neck sizing? If only neck sizing perhaps om the 3rd firing the case has expanded to the point , and work hardened enough that it doesn't contract back enough for a smooth extraction . Tom
  3. I find this an interesting point. It seems counterintuitive for the magnum primer to provide less pressure, could it be that the 2F fired brass was not bumped back to the same length as the 1F brass, causing a tighter fit in the chamber before firing? However, I would expect to see the non magnum primers to show signs of cratering as they generally have a thinner cup, maybe Laurie would have an insight as to what is going on here Tom
  4. VarmLR, is that last value correct? (46 grains) It seems like a very large step, or was it supposed to read 44.6?

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