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  1. Ruger Precision in .223/ 5.56mm. 50 rounds fired Gen 2 complete with Vortex Razor Hd Scope 5-20x 50mm £ 2100 Ono
  2. Walther PPK .32 magazine

    I'm not in any big hurry and will take either. I have a flat based one already but the plus one might be handy. What sort of cost are you thinking?
  3. Walther PPK .32 magazine

    It's a long shot I know but would anyone have a ppk mag in .32acp laying about? Cheers
  4. 35mm high mounts

    wanted as above. anything out there ?
  5. Hey Folks i have a medium height, 34mm, 0moa, short saddle unimount that i would like to swop for a high 35mm one or indeed a set of decent 35mm high mounts. Can anyone help? Mph
  6. Damn you johnny, i woulda had this! lol
  7. Scope arrived and well pleased. Many thanks mate. Highly recommended

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