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  1. Wanted as above please. Anything out there?
  2. In 243 Calibre. These are a great brake and a bargain at £90 quid posted
  3. 500 once fired Lapua .338 cases bagged in 50s at £35.00 per bag posted open box of Sierra Matchking 300gr .338 heads. 400 approximately £250 posted
  4. Brand new rail. Change of build means I don’t need it now. £50.00 posted
  5. mph

    Ftr type bipod

    Wanted as title. What’s out there folks?
  6. mph

    5/8×18 Muzzle Brake Wanted

    Still wanted!!
  7. Sold Mate? Ps. Thank u for the rail. All perfect!!
  8. mph

    5/8×18 Muzzle Brake Wanted

    Mate it has to be 5/8×18
  9. mph

    5/8×18 Muzzle Brake Wanted

    Wanted as above. Anybody got one?
  10. mph

    Remington 700 S/A picatinny rail

    Messages inbox all cleared now. What make is the rail rickosf and is ur steel or aluminium?
  11. Looking a 20moa rail for the above. Anything laying in a drawer anywhere not being used?

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