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  1. mph

    Creedmoor Brass

    How much are you looking?
  2. mph

    Tikka T3 Stock or Chassis

    Looking a stock or chassis for my new T1x and I’ve just found out that it’s a straight drop in to a T3 stock. Whats out out there folks?
  3. This is an exceptional 6.5 kit. Gen1 Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor Bushnell 3.5-21x50 G2DMR FFP Riflescope C/w Mounts UTG Recon Bipod Wildcat Moderator Hard Flight case All Ruger Accessories As Supplied With The Rifle A Link To The Scope Is Below https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/quick-fire-review-bushnell-elite-tactical-dmr-3-5-21x50-ffp-g2dmr-riflescope/ The Rifle Has Fired A Total Of 320 Rounds £2150 ovno
  4. can you pm me pics of the steiner and is it the full military version?
  5. is there any movement on the price of the Lyman Gen 6? and can you pm me some pics please?
  6. Hey folks. I'm after the above off there are any about?
  7. mph

    AWM 300 winmag

    I have a mate with one and the transit case etc that he is talking about selling

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