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  1. 400 approx 300gr Sierra Matchkings £250 inc postage 197 Lapua Scenar 250gr £110 inc postage
  2. mph

    300 win mag dies

  3. As above in very good condition and boxed for sale. £50.00 Posted Vortex Tactical Mounts 30mm Medium. As new, I bought the wrong height. £40.00 Posted SOLD Lee Deluxe 300 Winmag Dies used in good condition. £30.00 Posted SOLD
  4. mph

    300 win mag dies

    Can u pm a price mate?
  5. mph

    300 win mag dies

    Looking as per above. Would prefer a seating die with micrometer if possible.
  6. Must have the DDR-2 reticle

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