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  1. maxxis35

    english longbows

    It was the Hoyt Maxxis35, then I started taking my Hoyt Game master 2,really enjoyed comps then, compounds and their users in the unlimited class got too anal,none of them looked like they where having a good time, not got a bow now and miss it.
  2. maxxis35

    english longbows

    There are literally loads of longbow makers in the UK ,I used to compete with a compound and recurve, when I shot with folk who had a longbow, it was nearly always a different maker. Bob Powell makes fast bows, Steve Stratton makes good war bows, if you have the strength to draw one, Google longbow makers in the UK, it will get you a list.
  3. maxxis35

    Which boots ?

    I've used the same pair of Danners for over 20 years now, comfort and quality and still keep the water out 100%
  4. maxxis35

    black powder storage box

    I made my own and custom built the storage area's, save money and knock one up yourself
  5. Early Lofty tool for sale, great condition, just a little residue from use in the blade, proper sharp edge,surplus to requirements, been in a draw for a few years now. £55 posted
  6. maxxis35

    .22 LR Semi Auto AR Style

    You can have my 416 for £575 , scope 3 mags and an £80 bag included
  7. maxxis35

    .22 LR Semi Auto AR Style

    I have a mint 416 H&K short barrel, with a Bushnell T dot scope with stubby aluminium grip, no marks a minter, spare mags, what's your budget,
  8. maxxis35

    black powder muzzleloader target rifle

    If you have no luck on here, look up Pete Starley 01926 494502, he has usually got a lot of choice in that department, you can download his firearms stock list from the website, just put in pete Starley firearms and it will crop up on the interweb lol
  9. Cabelas hunters vest size 44,excellent condition, 10 front pockets, rear cargo pocket, comms, phone pocket on one side and drinks pocket on the other. £30+postage.
  10. Benelli Supernova section 1 shotgun,pistol grip version,action factory drilled for scope mounts, Nordic components 10 shot mag extension,Truglo fibre optic sight, chambered for 3.1/2 magnum shells,handbook and chokes with it,gun is mint and little used. £495 ovno
  11. maxxis35

    stock pouch

    I have one in green made by AIM,kind of rubber cheek piece with pouch on side, it also has a reversable ammo pouch for brass of shotgun shells
  12. Sorry I couldn't, I need to get a scope suited to air rifle ranges, parralaxing down to a few yards.
  13. Bushnell tactical elite scope, 34mm tube with GDMR RETICULE, first focal plane, sunshade, Butler Creek,still has intact box,was unwilling to sell to start with but it's no good for the air rifle you see it on, and don't have a rifle to mount it on anymore.all mint condition £575 ono Lee is my name

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