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  1. jonathan.308

    donor wsm action/ full rifle

    Now sorted cheers jonathan
  2. jonathan.308

    donor wsm action/ full rifle

    Hi sorry but not for me but thank you for the offer cheers jonathan
  3. jonathan.308

    donor wsm action/ full rifle

    Hi all looking for a Single shot donor custom action with mag bolt for wsm is preferred or could be interested in a full rifle in 7mm wsm if it is what I am looking for? F/class- bench rest rifle configuration cheers jonathan
  4. Photos sent to email jonathan
  5. Hi I have a sightron BR 36x42 just on my way out but if you interested I can send you some photos tomorrow, also have kelbly rings for it if you need cheers Jonathan
  6. jonathan.308

    270/7mm wsm, 300/7mm wsm, 6 PPC reamer

    Cheers Vince that’s great see you then cheers Jonathan
  7. jonathan.308

    270/7mm wsm, 300/7mm wsm, 6 PPC reamer

    Hi I am looking for a 270/7mm wsm, 300/7mm wsm, 6 PPC reamer. My be interested in any other Reamers you have too. cheers Jonathan
  8. Hi Alan what ret is your sightron bud jonathan
  9. jonathan.308

    6.5x47 Lapua

    Hi Mike Hainsworth did the riflesmithing he is very respected in my area, and a good friend as we stalk together. the rifle shoots very well, have all the load data with different loads , I can send photos to you if you are interested cheers jonathan a
  10. jonathan.308

    6.5x47 Lapua

    £750 Ono and absolute bargain as is like an new rifle.
  11. jonathan.308

    6.5x47 Lapua

    Ok price drop as need cach for new project £800 ono
  12. Hi I am selling my 6.5x47 Lapua stalking rifle Sako 75 action, Lothar Walter Barrel 21” long and threaded with 1/2” UNF, fired 250 rounds, all The metalwork just been re-blued and the stock just been re-stained, looks like a new rifle. also there are also Sako 2 piece picatinny rail to fit included £900 If interested I can email you photographs of the rifle cheers jonathan

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