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  1. Nice! Went 'Automatic' in the end..
  2. DaddyPig

    .223 SGC / Bradley Arms AR15 or similar

    Nope.... CSR trigger minimum pull; Service optic - 4.5lbs, Practical optic - 1.5kg
  3. DaddyPig

    .223 SGC / Bradley Arms AR15 or similar

    If you have no set budget, why buy second-hand? Why not give Mr Bradley of Bradley Arms a call, or message him on this forum?
  4. I enquired with Leupold about this a couple of years back.. They said get in touch with the UK distributor, who said get in touch with Uttings, who 'ordered' a couple for me.. I'm still waiting...
  5. DaddyPig

    EU gun ban: consolidated text.

    The 10 round magazine restriction applies to centre-fire semi automatic long guns..... "Instead of using “resemblance” criteria both Parliament and Council proposed to add to Category A semi-automatic centre-fire firearms when a high-capacity loading device is fitted. Firearms have been categorised depending upon loading capacity already in the current Directive, and the new rules extend this approach. This only affects firearms which use centre-fire and not rimfire percussion ammunition. The categorisation applies when the firearm and magazine is in combination together, and does not depend merely on whether the firearms is capable of having a higher capacity magazine inserted. This has been made explicit in the text for adoption. Following lengthy negotiations, it was agreed that for long firearms exceeding 60 cm a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds would be restricted, while for a short firearm the limit would be at 20 rounds."
  6. In before the price rise on Tuesday...
  7. DaddyPig

    300yds mcqueens

    Next year, no 'window', just the Hun's head....
  8. Mark, I seem to remember it was groups at 50 & 100 at Lapua's tunnel..
  9. DaddyPig

    200yd mcqueens

    Imperial 300 yards McQueen G, Service optic class... .223 AR15, mag' rested, 4x scope. Today I shot 50.6, to go along with the two other 50.6 last Friday..
  10. DaddyPig


    Well done and good luck you ugly b**tard...

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