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  1. If its the same one for sale on airgun BBS then it's sold.
  2. dirtydawk

    AICS chassis

    Cheers Dave. Much appreciated.
  3. dirtydawk

    AICS chassis

    Hi guys I have a RPA quadlock mounted on an AICS chassis, I bought the whole set up second hand last year. My question for the more informed than me is this - the stock is a non folding type so does that make it a v1.5 by default or is it possible that it is an older version? I only ask as the plastic stock sides are looking a bit tired and I have a hankering for some of the new Gucci ones advertised on here! Regards Ian
  4. dirtydawk

    Modified cases

    Cheers Spud I'll send you a PM Regards Ian
  5. dirtydawk

    Modified cases

    Hi guys I am currently looking for some modified cases for the Hornadly OAL gauge. I need them in .223 .308 6.5x55swe and if possible 7.62x54R. Fingers crossed that somebody has some that they are willing to sell Best regards Ian
  6. dirtydawk

    Clear out

    Gauge arrived this morning. Many thanks.
  7. dirtydawk

    Clear out

    Hi I would like the Hornady OAL gauge please. PM regarding this. Regards Ian
  8. Looks sweet! I don't need one of these on my 10/22 but I'll probably get one anyway and stick a foregrip and red dot on it too :-)
  9. dirtydawk

    Bullet depth measuring

    Brilliant video Spud! Answered the questions I was about to ask about measuring COL and distance to lands. ATB Ian
  10. dirtydawk

    Bullet depth measuring

    Brilliant video Spud! Answered the questions I was about to ask about measuring COL and distance to lands. ATB Ian
  11. dirtydawk

    Howa 1500 mag kit

    Dauntsey guns do them. About £100 for mag conversion kit and ten round mag. I have put one in my Howa 1500 .223 and they are spot on Regards Ian
  12. dirtydawk

    Load development from virgin brass

    Thanks guys. As always your advice is greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi guys, I have 100 brand new Lapua brass in .223 that I am about to start to working up a load for. My question is this- since the brass is not fire formed to my rifle yet, is it worth running a ladder test yet or would any results from this be worthless as any subsequent loads would be once fired/fire formed cases? As it is only for range use I am sorely tempted to just put together a half decent plinking load I have with some cheap FMJ's and fling them off down range and once the cases are once fired, then start to develop a good target load. As usual any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian
  14. dirtydawk

    Imperial case sizing wax

    Cheers Gary, much appreciated.
  15. dirtydawk

    Imperial case sizing wax

    Hi guys Does anybody know where I can get some Imperial Case Sizing Wax from ( apart from Midway ). Preferably somewhere that does mail order if possible. Thanks Ian

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