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  1. Redfox

    Cant Get Zero

    You are using a Target type scope and they all have limited adjustment to improve accuracy and repeatability of adjustment, the scope manufacturers expect the rifle and mounts to be accurately aligned and not needing 10ft of adjustment at 50 or 100yds. It seems like a hell of alot of scope for a little plinking rifle I must say. Anyway I havent had the issues Eddie mentions with optilocks, in fact much the opposite, buuuuuuuuut since the Beretta numpties took over its all about get em out the door now not quality!!. Remeber the splitting stainless barrels? and I bought (ordered in advance)a sako deluxe 75 in 243 to replace the trusted L579 243 deluxe Ive had since 1969 and it was a POS, the barrel and action were not in alignment, the trigger mech was pressed tin! and GMKs answer was to bend the barrel , twice!! so it was rejected and the old faithful was sent back to Sako for rebarrel, reblueing and a general overhaul. It came back at a very reasonable price exactly as I wanted it, the chamber measured up identical to the original when new, the trigger pull was exactly the same as I had set it and I couldnt have been happier. Using my original home loads it shoots better than 0.25 at 100 yds ( if Im on form! ) and the trigger is like breaking glass. I could not acheve zero or even near the centre with the scopes adjustment ( S&B 3-12 x50)which was in the mounts and slid off the original rifle fully zeroed, so it had to be the rifle. Having at that time access to accurate measuring instruments and machines I quickly established that the barrel was a mile out of aligment with the receiver and gmk gave up the argument. So I would get someone like Baldie to look at it for you as this is more involved than just the mounts, Dave has a lot of experience and can put you right, its well worth the carriage or a trip to see him, ( not saying the other contri8butors are bad or anything). hope you getit fixed lads. Redfox
  2. Redfox

    Schmidt and Bender repairs

    If your scope has a problem, its under the thirty year warranty. Just parcel it up and send it insured delivery to the factory with a polite covering letter explaining the problem it has. I cant see any reason to have email chats about it, they will service and repair it FOC and return it to you as quickly as they can. Never had a problem with them or dealing with them. As for a recoat, LH, if it is the aluminium body it is coated alochrome/black which is very durable but if there are dings and scratches on it, they will show because the coating is actully a conversion of the tube surface not put on like paint, to remove them would cost more than a replacement tube, but of course that means completely stripping and rebuilding it in a new tube, which is never going to be very cheap, depends what you want and what you want to pay for it. A friend dropped his rifle in rocks which bent the tube, but it came back as new with new tube and it was a lot less than buying another one s/h so he was happy. redfox
  3. Redfox

    204 ruger for vermin

    Be careful what reasons you start giving, you can very easily shoot yourself and others in the foot. Get Basc to help you if possible although you shouldnt really have a problem, use the shooting vermin whilst foxing if you need a reason ( dont start talking about crows at long range, the foot is getting near the mouth with that). Unfortunately, due to the cutbacks they have made the Firearms dept manager redundant ( although he is back as an FEO )so inexperienced boys and girls are now making decisions and work on the principle the less they give or allow, the less chance of being wrong!!!. It isnt likely to change in the near future either. So I would again suggest Basc as your helper. Redfox
  4. Redfox

    redding dies

    www.smartreloader.com They have redding match dies all calibres on special offer at the moment and guarantee three day delivery to the UK. Redfox
  5. Redfox

    A-Max's now classed as 'expanding'?

    The ultimate responsibility is yours no one elses to not buy/use bullets your not licensed for, not the dealer. But again after what I said above, you have gone on a public website ( that means world wide ) and admitted breaking the law!!!!, what bit of keep it to yourself do you not understand? I despair. Redfox
  6. Redfox

    A-Max's now classed as 'expanding'?

    Have to say I agree with Baldie and achosenman on this. To go on any public website and boast about using match bullets on live animals and say how well match bullets expand etc is just plain stupid and before long will bring about even more swingeing legislation and tighter regulation by Chief Constables, which will be inflicted on all of us. For christs sake keep your opinions to yourself and/or discuss it in private, along with how to try and get round the rules as applied by individual firearms departments, go to one of the various bodies and ask for help, dont do it on a public forum. rant over. Redfox
  7. Redfox

    What .22lr?

    I had a Ruger 77, the ugly Stainless / plastic one and with eley subs or winchester match ammo it was as good as anything out there, I used to take shots a 60-70yds with absolute confidence ( Like head shooting rabbits one after the other. sadly As I already had a nice finfire and wanted a semi auto for serious rabbit etc control, they made me get rid of one so it had to be the ruger. I bought a 10/22T ruger and it is very good, I have a steel and a stainless barrel for it, only the steel is cut for a mod. It shoots very well if fed decent ammo, I have tried RWS Eley Winchester and Norma ammo, they all shoot very well but it prefers the eley and winchester most and based on price per block, It currently eats Winchester ammo, it will allow me to head shoot rabbits out to 80 yds confidently too. My dealer only buys head shot stuff and as I do from 80 to 100 in a night, it matters if I couldnt head shoot them, he pays a lot less for "pet food". What a great little round the 22 rimfire is, I never get tired of shooting it and as Andrew says it teaches you a great deal at a cheap price, for when you get onto the full bore stuff. Redfox
  8. Redfox

    Pressure problem

    I dont get head stamping issues from the ejector pin normally, only when I have tested the limits as you might say. I would defintely listen to Dave he has more experience than most of us on here. Redfox
  9. Redfox

    Pressure problem

    I have used various powders when developing the loads for mine and ended up with 24.5gr varget, which gives best velocity at lower pressures than the others. I have used both federal Gold Match 205 and remington 7 1/2 primers, the rems being more consistant I seat the bullets ( 25gr Hornady hps )at 30thou off the rifling. The general wisdom being that below 6.5mm further off the rifling is better and above that you go closer and I have found it to be a good guide for all my rifles. Varget ( despite an issue 3 yrs ago on 2 batches ) is less sensitive to temp variation than a lot of powders and I have used this load now since 2005 without changing it, winter and summer, it groups into half an inch or better ( depending on me ) and so I am happy with it. It does tend to flatten various primers a bit but not blow them out, I have found that to be a function of the round not the load, as Ive dropped it right down to 17.5grs with no change to primer and it still flattens them a bit, I know others who have gone through the same process as well. I never anneal these cases as they are very small and it is really impossible to do them at home and get consistent results ( I have the facility to check the exact hardness before and after and also found that I can get ten relaods out of cases with no loss of accuracy. After that it is primer hole erosion the makes the difference more than anything as they grow with each firing. I also trim primer pockets and turn necks to 50% showing on first prep and then keep them to minimum oal case length ( not round length) until chucked at ten reloads. What rifle is it? Remingtons are known to have a slightly oversize firing pin hole in the bolt and the primers tend to ridge up around the pin indentation, but have never had a blow through and Remington replaced my bolt after a couple of months but it was exactly the same as the original ( consistent machining if nothing else. Lol ) So some info to go on and as said mine has had plenty of rounds through it in the last six yrs and I still like it, it kills very well right out to 200yds + on charlies and crows etc. Redfox
  10. Redfox


    This forwarded to me beginning of March, there is also a London based story too! Isn't this just poetic Justice PERTH - An SAS trooper collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped stop a suspected shoplifter in east Perth. The 'Toys-R-Us' Store Manager told 'The West Australian' that a man was seen on surveillance cameras last Friday putting a laptop under his jacket at the store. When confronted, the man became irate, knocked down an employee, pulled a knife and ran toward the door. Outside were four SAS Troopers collecting toys for the "Toys For Tots" program. Smith said the Troopers stopped the man, but he stabbed one of them, in the back. The cut did not appear to be severe. The suspect was transported by ambulance to the Royal Perth Hospital with two broken arms, a broken leg, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions and assorted lacerations including a broken nose and jaw... Injuries he apparently sustained when he tripped whilst trying to run after the stabbing. One of the Troopers said, "He was a clumsy b *st*rd." Redfox
  11. Redfox

    Any body into Amateur Radio ??

    G4RFA Redfox
  12. I have absolutely nothing good to say about them, but enough on the other side of the balance to avoid them completely. I use the Preston dealers. Redfox
  13. Redfox

    .204 hornaday- Home office guidlines

    When quoting how wonderful BASC are, it is worth reminding people that, it was the BASC tossers who dreamed up this chart and then sold the idea to the Home Office in the first place, so they arent going to help you rubbish it now . Redfox
  14. Redfox

    Daughters 1st Rabbit

    Nice one Mick. Been taking mine since she was able to wear hearing protection and keep up walking ( 7-8 from memory) and she is still shooting and lamping at 31 Redfox
  15. Redfox

    T3 Rail Thread Angst - Help!

    No, thats it Edi, the ring screws have the special heads and are the £1.50 each plus postage the std head are available from any fastener suppliers I bought a box of 100 for someone else for less than £10.00 a while back. Redfox

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