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  1. I would like to go down the second hand route. Most of my other rifles have been purchased second hand. Being a left handed limits things a bit. I want a left handed bolt and stock. I have used an RPA rilfe at Bisey before and liked it. One of the guys at our club recently bought a Ruger Precision in 6.5 CM. He seems to be getting on very well with it. I don't think they do a left handed version. I'll keep my eyes on the classifieds. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions.
  2. It will be for plinking only, not planning to get into competition at the moment. I think the advice to start with a few hundred factory rounds and move to reloading is a a good idea. I think I am leaning towards 6.5 as a calibre. The reservation about building a semi custom around a Remington action was also a concern I shared. The costs are still quite considerable but it will always be "just a Remington" I will keep hold of the Remington 700 .270 for deer stalking. It is nice and light and does what I need it to do. I am looking to build up something completely new for target shooting. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of the AI AT to a custom? Or is it like comparing apples and oranges? Thanks guys
  3. I am looking to buy or have a rifle built for long range target shooting. The ranges I have easy access to have a maximum distance of 1200 yards. I am a left hander so this limits factory built options a bit. I have had an initial chat with Baldie who was very helpful and gave me a few things to think about. I was wondering whether anyone else could offer any advice. In terms of calibre I was thinking about .308 or 6.5 creedmoor. I will initially be shooting factory ammo but would like to start loading my own in the future. I do have a Lee turret press and some reloading gear that I bought secondhand some time ago but am a bit time constrained. I would prefer to go with the 6.5 CM but the cost of the factory ammo is a factor. In terms of rifle options I have a Remington 700 in .270 that I use for stalking and I like the Remington action. I was thinking about getting a semi custom made up using a Remington action, aftermarket stock and probably barrel. I like the Accuracy International AT and the ability to change the barrel is attractive. The AT would be at the top end of my budget for the rifle. Any other options I should be considering? I have a Schmidt and Bender 8 x 56 on my stalking rifle and I like the glass. I know the PM2 is a popular scope but it would be at the very top end of my budget for the scope. Other options I was considering were something by Sightron, Nightforce or Vortex. All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
  4. A friend of mine hunts with a .270 in Africa. I use a Remington 700 in .270 for hunting deer in the UK. I bought it second hand for £500 and it is an older (and possibly better built) model. It has proved very accurate at UK deer hunting (sub 150 yard) distances. I put a Schmidt and Bender 8 x 56 and an Ase Ultra mod on it. A great hunting package for around £1K.

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