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  1. Phoebus89

    Wildcat Predator 12

    Predator 12, 1/2"UNF and in .30 calibre wanted for a .300wm Thanks!
  2. Phoebus89

    22 Hornet Dies

    Anyone selling a set of .22 hornet dies? Preferably neck sizing rather than FL die and a seating die. Taaaaa
  3. Hiya, do you know if the thread can be changed on these?
  4. As above, cash waiting. Thanks!
  5. Phoebus89

    .300wm brass.

    After some winmag brass, preferably once fired Norma brass but will consider others
  6. Full length and seating die and shell holder included. £35 posted.
  7. Phoebus89

    Ruger 10/22 mags

    As above, looking for a couple of ten shot mags and a 25 shot mag. Thanks in advance.
  8. I didn’t think Bushnell made an 8-30x50 scope?
  9. Knew I’d missed something! Thanks! It’s the 6-24x50 model.
  10. Brand new in the box as it was a replacement from Vortex. Never been mounted or taken out of the box for that matter. Only received it back last week and selling as I’m having a change about with my scopes and rifle setups. Not interested in any swaps thanks, just a sale. I can’t seem to upload any photos as they’re all too big but I can email or pm some on request. Please also note that this is the FIRST FOCAL PLANE version and it wasn’t £600 to buy brand new, it cost me £900 last May. Asking for £650 posted to your door RMSD. Thanks for looking.

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