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  1. Hi there I’ll have  308 barrel for asking price of £ 320 inc postage. Many thanks Tony

    1. holland


      Sorry for the delay to reply, if you want to give me a call.




      07711 020 373

  2. I’ll take it please, pm me

  3. Pm sent

    1. Sniper1


      I’ll take it. Pm me please

  4. Hi there is this still for sale?
  5. Sniper1

    R.E.M. 700 mag conversion

    Hi I'm l looking to convert my floor plate to a magazine on a .223 and a .243 anything out there. Many thanks.
  6. Sniper1

    Kestrel 4500

    Looking for a kestrel 4500 with applied ballistics many thanks
  7. Sniper1

    R.E.M. 700 mag conversion

    Yes please, pm me payment details please. Many thanks S
  8. Sniper1

    R.E.M. 700 mag conversion

    Cheers Alan, I'll be giving them a ring, thanks again S
  9. Sniper1

    Grs sporter stock rem 700 sa

    Hi th re I'm looking for the above for a rem 700 .223 varmint. Thanks
  10. What's the total round count and how old is it? Cheers
  11. Sniper1

    Laserware nd-100

    As the title says, looking for one of these. Any one use/used one? Are they any good? Cheers
  12. Sniper1

    Mtc viper scope

    All sorted now thanks.
  13. Sniper1

    Mtc viper scope

    As the title says, looking for a Mtc viper, thanks
  14. Hi there, is this still for sale, cheers Tony
  15. £40 posted and I'll take them off your hands cheers T
  16. Sniper1

    Powder measure

    Looking for a decent and accurate powder measure, anyone got one there not using any more and want to sell. Many thanks Tony
  17. Could I have some photos please.atlantic.boilers@gmail.com cheers

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