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  1. . I was as range today and picked up at least 50 used .308 cases and everyone had exactly the same cuts running parallel from the open end back about half the cases length. I wondered what could do this? There were many more that I did not pick up as I walked back and forth to the target from the firing point. They were everywhere in groups of 10 to 15 so the person using the rifle was using the entire range or more than one person was firing similar rifles. Anyway every single case had exactly the same cuts that were deep and sharp enough to see and feel. The cases had only ever been fired once so I imagine the scoring happened as the thing was fired inside the chamber, on inspection one or two others suggested that it was a poorly fitting case in the chamber but it stuck me as quite odd. So what could cause multiple parallel scorings very close together and all the way back half way up the case? ozone .
  2. ozone

    .308 with cuts running parallel

    Yes almost identical That is what another said And that is what somebody also said. Thank you cheers guys that makes sense knowing what the range is used for weekdays. Regards ozone .
  3. ozone

    Gun Crime on the UP

    . Ifsomeone commits suicide with a gun how do they put it away afterwards? Is that a crime? ozone .
  4. ozone

    Drag bag

    . Why are drag bags called drag bags? Please don't say it is because you drag them behind you :-) ozone .
  5. ozone

    Drag bag

    Ah, right ok I understand the military aspect of that. I just saw a gun bag for sale and it was described as a drag bag and it seemed a daft term for it. Have you seen me shoot :-) ozone .
  6. . I understand that a newly cleaned barrel will affect the way a group of bullets will fire, travel and hit a target, but why. In genral terms, is it down to individual barrels? Do all barrels respond the same way? Is it down to the bullet, do all bullets respond the same way? What I am trying to ask is, is it just trial and error? Do the same make and quality barrels differ or are they all the same? If I had 10 barrels and exactly the same conditions, with the samer ammunition, would the barrels respond exactly the same (given perfect conditions and all exactly the same)? At what point doe a barrel become optimum in performance? Regards ozone .
  7. . Hi Bradders Very informative and very interesting for someone like me who has an engineering background and who enjoys it watching a craftsman at work. Out of interest do the blank barrel's come pre rifled? ozone .
  8. ozone

    Free app for your phone

    . Yep downloaded. Your first post said it was Makita so I just looked it up and downloaded. I have used it and like you I found it usable. I'm not too sure about the distance measurer though, It reads -.3mtrs when I point at the wall 4mtrs away. Good download though, thanks. ozone .
  9. . Thanks guys. Very interesting reading. Not easy this shooting malarkey eh? ozone .
  10. . Work commitments make it impossible for me to get to the range so it is up for sale. I have for sale a Colt M4 Semi Auto .22 in the box it came with. There is a BSA gun bag with additional shoulder straps. It is in excellent condition and well looked after. Also included is 500 .22lr American Eagle (high velocity) 40 grain solid and 160 CCI .22lr copper plated (high velocity) 40 grain. There is a VTG (SCP-T169) compact CQB optic fitted with extra mounts also included. The gun is located in the Doncaster area and the sale must be face to face, if you want it sent by RFD then those additional costs will be extra. It has been used regularly on the ranges I shoot at and it is great fun at 100 mtrs. It will put 30 rounds into a target about 5 inch across in just a few seconds and it has never missed a beat. I used it at one range out to 300 mtrs and I was hitting the target. Not too accurate at that range but surprising how many rounds actually hit and hit the bull Full licence with available slot open is an obvious requirement of buying the gun. I would like £300 for the whole lot combined and do not want to split it up and sell separately. Thank you looking and if you need any more info please let me know. Thanks Rob .
  11. . Ok thank you. I'm weighing up my options at the moment but I'll get back to you if I decide to take it further. Again thank you ozone .
  12. . Hello Jay. Is the rifle still for sale? Regards ozone .
  13. ozone

    Brattonsound gun cabinet

    I copied this from their sit and it says the thing is 407 wide. 407 + 346 = 753mm. The door sits inside the frame so it will be 10 - 20mm less than that. Model: RL7+ Description: 6/7 Rifle with 203mm Internal Locking Top. Type: Sentinel PLUS Rifle Safe with 203mm high internal locking top (extra deep for scoped rifles). Lock(s): Vault Style Door with 5 Point Locking, 7 Lever Lock with Double Bitted key (2 keys supplied). External Dimensions (approx.):Height: 1515mm Width: 407mm Depth: 346mm Weight: 54kg All models are supplied with right hand hinges, L/H hinged models available to order at extra cost - please contact us for details. Delivery approx. 2 - 3 weeks (longer over holiday periods) - Brattonsound close for 2 weeks over Christmas. Don't forget to order your fixing pack! The image may show a larger / smaller capacity safe. Not sure if that helped ozone .
  14. ozone

    Wide Footprint Bipod

    . So basically the wider and heavier the bipod, the less the gun will move at the point of firing the bullet and the more accurate it would be. Taking this to its most extreme if the rifle was locked in a vice and if it was impossible to move, then it would be even more accurate? In a way, it is reducing the impact the human has in holding the rifle? Would that be correct? Regards ozone
  15. ozone

    Wide Footprint Bipod

    . Can I ask why? What advantage does a wider footprint bipod give? ozone .
  16. . Hello. Due to a change in my work status I am looking at selling my Remington 700, .223 and my BRNO CZ .308. I might be working overseas and if I don't sell them they will go into long term storage, which I'm reluctant to do because I think rifles should be used and not put into storage. They are both in Doncaster and I use them both regularly at distances up to 500mtrs and I have used the Remington at Bisley up to 1000mtrs. Collection in person but I could RFD them at the buyers expense (I think that works out at about £40 or £50). I only ever fire military surplus ammunition through them and they always hit where I aim. I have owned the Remington for over 2 years and I've not had any issues with it, it has a moderator which has AU T4 F 25 14 markings stamped onto it, I understand that means it is a T4 moderator, but I don't know it's make. The rifle is .223 calibre and it has a Hawke scope fitted. The rifle also has an adjustable bipod fitted which extends to about 12 inches. There is a large plastic carry case that came with the rifle and although one end is slightly damaged it is fully functional and will be included. Remington £600 The BRNO has a wooden stock with a few marks on it, as to be expected from a well used rifle. The rifle is fitted with an Edgar Brothers scope (which I refitted with spacers because the original mount seemed to stress the mount screws). The BRNO is in .308 calibre and after refitting the scope the first 3 bullets through it were all within half an inch of each other at 100mtrs. BRNO £200 Photos. I can't link to Photobucket for some reason so anyone wanting photos please PM me and I will forward them to you. Regards Rob .
  17. . The Remington has now been sold. I have reduced the CZ to £140 see http://www.guntrader.co.uk/Guns-For-Sale/BRNO_Rifle_For-Sale_150711194046965 ozone .
  18. . I would consider knocking £100 off the Remington and £40 off the BRNO. ozone .
  19. . Could someone explain if the Coriolis effect actually affects a bullet travelling East to West or West to East? If you shoot North to South or visa - versa I understand the effect but East to West or visa - versa, does it affect the bullet? As the World rotates does it add height in one direction and reduce it in the other? And lastly if there is an effect East to West, what is the effect if the bullet is fired North-west or North-east and alternatively South-west or South-east? Regards ozone .
  20. Just remember that the water can get very hot so the pipes need to be capable of withstanding heat, the type that connect radiators and hot water should do. The fittings to the collector need to be copper. Also allow for the expansion due to increase of heat. It has been known for solar collectors to boil water................ ozone .
  21. ozone

    Bedding a new stock

    Double post.......... ozone .
  22. ozone

    Bedding a new stock

    . What exactly is the process of bedding in a new stock? I understand why they are and I understand that for very consistent shooting results, it is probably important, but what is the actual process. Regards ozone .
  23. ozone

    Bedding a new stock

    Thank you. ozone .
  24. ozone

    Bedding a new stock

    Excellent, Thank you. ozone .

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