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  1. No thanks, I’m taking a break and my ticket has lapses
  2. Not really, I’ve already dropped the price by over £100
  3. This would make an excellent Christmas present, with the following proviso: the recipient is expecting a rifle scope, and not, for example perfume, a voucher for a spa day or a specific item of clothing. Please check first, as I can't be held responsible for any subsequent injury. Price dropped, £500 including postage
  4. Viper Vortex PST 6-24 X 50 scope. FFP, EBR-1 reticle, MOA adjustment. Hardly used, comes with all the original useful accessories like lens caps, sun shade and shims and the other bits and pieces(cleaning cloth, lapel badge etc.). Hardly used, VERY slight blemish on left side, so slight I can't get a picture of it. In excellent condition, Vortex 30mm High scope mounts included. NOTE I have removed the battery for the illuminated reticle to prevent possible leakage. SOLD
  5. Forlorn Hope

    Turning and chambering a barrel

    Thanks for posting this, it's a fascinating insight. I had no idea how big barrel blanks were, what's the outside diameter?
  6. Yep, still for sale. Didn't see your response! I'm in Consett
  7. I've got 360 off, all in original packaging. Never got round to reloading, now taking a break. Would prefer face to face, as postage may be excessive. £70 for all would be preferable, or £20 for 100. Price lowered Also got some military surplus, not sure if its suitable for reloading?
  8. SOLD! I have for sale the original, very light stock as fitted to my Remington 700 Police (SA). Good bits: not had much use, and the trigger guard etc is included. Not so good, but at least honest, small mark near butt, witness mark from bipod and the inboard sling swivel has been snapped. How does £150 posted sound?
  9. Forlorn Hope

    remington 700 308 chassis

    How much are you looking for?
  10. Forlorn Hope

    Scope for Remington 700 P

    Hi all, I've got a Remington 700 Police in 7.62, and I'm thinking of fitting a Viper 4-24 x 50 PST scope. It's for range work out to 600m primarily. This raises 3 questions (at least)... 1) good choice of optics? 2) what rings would work? 3) will it fit? It's got short, split rails on at the moment I'll ignore the obvious question of "who does he think he is, asking all that in his first post?" ?? Cheers Dudes! (And Dudettes)

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