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  1. DutchTRG22

    RCBS 10-10 scale wanted

    I have one for Sale, if you are still interested in one
  2. DutchTRG22

    Help needed .308 win load 110gn Hornady v-max with N135

    Thank you very much for your reply Banus and Laurie? I'll do some testing and I'll see what it brings
  3. DutchTRG22

    Help needed .308 win load 110gn Hornady v-max with N135

    Many thanx to onehole Could anybody provide me with the reloading data from the Hornady Manual. I can't get one at the moment and I really need the data. It would really help me
  4. Could anybody help me with a starting load and coal for 110gn v_max with N135.
  5. Thank you all for you replies. @Laurie I'll work it up from 42gn RS50. I used that load before with the standard 155 gn Lapua Scenars. I don't know what to expext from those Scenar L, but I'm really curious what they will do in my 20 Inch Sako barrel
  6. Can't find a starting load in the manuals for this bullet. Does anybody tried this combination bullet &powder in a Sako TRG 22 in .308 caliber? Who can help me with some advice?
  7. DutchTRG22


    Hi Jonathan I read on a Dutch forum an advert for a used one for 250 Euro's The advert is since Sept 8th 2016 He still might have it. The mailadress is gcdebruyn@ziggo.nl Good luck Wiljan.
  8. DutchTRG22

    Sako TRG Trigger

    I spray mine with WD40 and blow it dry with compressed air. It works fine this way Do it for years now and never had any problem. Don't start cleaning it with q-tips ! That will bring trouble !
  9. DutchTRG22

    308 win and 110 gr vmax

    What is the 0.A.L for the load with the 45 gn N135. Can't find it in any reloAding table
  10. DutchTRG22

    Annealeez Case Annealing Machine Review

    Great review and machine Jon.
  11. DutchTRG22

    Marksmanship Principles.

    Tod also produced some DVD's. Take a look at http://www.accuracy1st.com
  12. DutchTRG22

    Marksmanship Principles.

    @ John MH I liked de video's because Todd Hotnett does the instruction in those DVD's. He teaches the Magpull Dynamics guys. in my opinion Todd is a real good instructor with a lot of experience.
  13. DutchTRG22

    Marksmanship Principles.

    @ Orka Akinse Found a link on youtube with a trailer from Magpull Dynamics. Those guys are really good. I have their complete DVD with techniques
  14. DutchTRG22

    Marksmanship Principles.

    I'dont know if it's on youtube. I'have it on on DVD at home, at the moment I'm in the UK.
  15. I can't upload my profile photo. Even the smallest photo's don't work. Does anybody have the same problem and how can it be solved

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