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  1. Mount Hawke Sniper

    Wanted 3 gun cabinet

    bagged a four gunner for £40 and ammo safe for £20
  2. Screw cut tooAnyone had one,?
  3. I'm going to apply for a .22rimfire for small vermin anyways Gonna give him a bellGot my old man and brother who will mentor me as old man is an ex keeper and brother is a keeper
  4. I'm going to apply for a .22rimfire for small vermin anyways
  5. the info supplied in this thread is very informative thanks guys I think the .222 is more in my price range but the .223 more suitable for my needs so may have to think about a few more £'s in the kitty the .243 could be an option as then there is always the option for deer in the future without having to change rifles and the .243 will more than deal with our friend "Charlie" and I have been told some of the old parker hales in .243 can be picked up at a good price in decent nick.super safari models
  6. What are everyone's thoughts of pros cons and costings on the above calibres Maximum rifle price £300 and topped with a Nikko diamond grade 4-12x56 scope Would be purchasing factory ammo and largest quarry would be foxes and also used for occasional target shooting, both maximum 300yards What gives best around value for money and performance Cheers MHS
  7. Mount Hawke Sniper

    Wanted 3 gun cabinet

    Looking for one of the above as cheap as possible preferably in Cornwall Or 50 miles of Truro Not to fussed if tatty cosmetically Or if someone is willing to ship one it's about 17 quid via parcel monkey Pm me please Cheers MHS
  8. Mount Hawke Sniper

    Cost Of Having A Rifle Screw Cut

    whats the average cost of having this done to a rifle and will it vary much dependant on the calibre at all?
  9. Mount Hawke Sniper

    changing HMR for?

    As a relative newbie and someone researching firearms and sorting out my application at the moment I found the quote about one of the most informative things I've ever read since I starting looking things up Thanks gbal, a top bit of info Cheers MHS
  10. Mount Hawke Sniper

    changing HMR for?

    Seems like a bargain buy on this link and comes with twelve months warranty http://www.guntrader.co.uk/Guns-For-Sale/Savage-Arms_Rifle_Mod-23D_For-Sale_130709105157417
  11. Mount Hawke Sniper

    Cost of re barrelling .222

    Anyone know a rough cost of getting a .222 rifle rebarrelled A mate has one that the barrel is pitted and poor but still groups at 3/4 to 1 inch at 100 yards Bolt condition is great as is the stock and the action is a Howa one, 1500 I believe also has high 30mm rings on it He's not asking a lot for it around the 100 notes mark.
  12. Mount Hawke Sniper

    FAC application help

    Cheers pal
  13. Mount Hawke Sniper

    FAC application help

    What amounts of ammo do I put down for purchase and to hold I am applying for .22lr and .243
  14. Mount Hawke Sniper

    Mossberg 817 .17HMR

    Cz (brno) seem to be very popular in both .22lr and .17HMR With second hand .22s coming in from £130-200 and second hand .17hmr's about £230 upwards I know the .22's r pretty. Much bulletproof and will take hundreds of rounds and be okay What's to watch out for on the .17hmr ie are they prone to anything??
  15. Mount Hawke Sniper

    .17HMR used for Foxes (the grey area)

    I like the honesty people have used on hereI think the HMR if purchased will stick firmly to bunnies and other small vermin I already thought the HMR was not enough gun for a fox and most people have confirmed this

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