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  1. 6.5Grendel

    Shooting show stoneliegh

    I wasn't overly impressed ....if you shoot scattergun there was a lot to see..
  2. Can I have 2nd dibs please.I'm at the show tomorrow Andy
  3. 6.5Grendel

    .30 M1

    IT may have been the shooter but 12moa at 100yds didn't impress. Great to see though.Not sure that I'd like to risk it , I was worried enough when Suffolk rifles went under that the authorities would come for my Garand
  4. 6.5Grendel

    .30 M1

    So if an S5 firearm is converted to straight pull in another country can it be imported for S1 use here?I ask as I have seen a BAR which has been converted to Straight pull in South Africa(I believe) and imported here, currently sitting on his certificate here and being used at one of my clubs. Accuracy was iffy but great to watch a 30-06 firing from an open bolt Can't help thinking it's a bit of a grey area though?
  5. 6.5Grendel

    Section 5.

    I didn't realise there is a limit I can carry in my car.......so if I buy a 3.5kg tub of vhitavori them I can't legally get it home......
  6. 6.5Grendel

    Selling a moderator

    Yes I wouldn't be comfortable going down Bruces route even if my MOD was not serial numbered.I'll make the call Cheers Andy
  7. 6.5Grendel

    Selling a moderator

    Thanks for replies It is listed with a serial number.As said I'll give them a call with my intention as I will be swapping it for a rifle slot hopefully if I sell it Thanks Andy
  8. Hi all After some advice regarding selling a moderator. If I sell one do I keep the slot so I can do a one for one or should I tell the licensing office first? I've only ever sold via rfd before Thanks Andy
  9. 6.5Grendel

    Group diagnosis

    46g at 2.800 looks a reasonable group especially if you have called one as pulled and it's breezy. If it was me I'd load a batch at that and shoot it for a while to get a proper feel for it.
  10. 6.5Grendel

    Caliber wording

    Don't know which authority you are with but I wasn't sure if I was going to go .260 or 6.5x47 (I already had a 6.5Grendel which is listed as such on my fac)so I asked for both on my ticket which Surrey granted. When I got my .260 swapped the 6.5x47 for something else My feo understood that they are similar and it would be easier this way.
  11. 6.5Grendel

    (Favour) Magnetospeed owners

    That's a big one !!!!!Mines only 12" (29.5cm)
  12. 6.5Grendel

    (Favour) Magnetospeed owners

    That's good to know thanks.
  13. 6.5Grendel

    (Favour) Magnetospeed owners

    It's 6mm square although I don't fully trust it as I'm never sure the bayonet is parallel with with the bore . I use a carbon fibre arrow shaft which I insert into the muzzle if this clears the bayonet then I figure the bullet will too. A bit anal but I was told they can't be repaired if hit by a bullet so...... Andy
  14. 6.5Grendel

    CSR virgin visit today. Thanks

    +1 albeit my 2nd visit . Well run and friendly competition although figure 12s with iron sights at 300 were interesting! Paid up for Feb already and looking forward to it.

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