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  1. Scope mounted Rangefinder for sale £80 +P&P
  2. shootingcharley

    Arbor press

    Hi Phil my email address is shootingcharley@gmail.com Thanks Dennis
  3. shootingcharley

    Arbor press

    Arbor reloading press wanted
  4. shootingcharley

    Photon RT

    Hi all any one out there can tell me what im not doing? i am trying to connect my Photon RT to my android phone using Stream Vision. stream vision is just not seeing it, do i have to turn on the wi-fi on the photon if so how do i do that. shootingcharley
  5. For sale my T75 with AS pill fitted £30+P&P
  6. For sale my Night Master 800 XSearcher-IR with Black sun fitted comes with rat tail £135+P&P
  7. For sale my Starlight Arrow with 2 bushings 1 fits MTC Mamba Light and 1 fits NXS moved onto an Archer so no longer needed. Note: No IR is supplied with this unit. Price £275 + P&P Please email me if interested Photos can be sent by email. shootingcharley@gmail.com NOW SOLD.
  8. For sale my Starlight Arrow + MTC Mamba light scope, moved onto an Archer so no longer needed. £430 or vno shootingcharley Please email me if interested at (shootingcharley@gmail.com)as i don't get on the site as often as i would like PRICE DROP £350
  9. shootingcharley

    Help Needed

    Hi all i am currently using a FoxPro caller but would like to move to a new caller with a better remote rang, simple you would think, the problem i have is that the caller in question dose not have the calls i use i a regular bases and will not play the FoxPro files, but will play MP3 format, i was wondering if anyone noes how i can record the sounds and save them to MP3 format so i can put them on the new caller. Many thanks Dennis.
  10. shootingcharley

    Help Please

    Thanks i have posted the same on there.
  11. shootingcharley

    Help Please

    Hi there i have an XD50S thermal and a Yukon MPR i would like to record from my thermal onto the MPR but my problem is i cant seem to get the correct cable to fit and do the job, can anyone help me out here please.. Dennis
  12. Hi there can you send me a photo please. Dennis shootingcharley@gmail.com
  13. Hi mate do you have any photos mate. shoohingcharley@gmail.com
  14. For sale a Ruger M77 mark 2 Picatinny rail £55 +P&P. If interested please email me at shootingdennis@gmail.com i can then provide photos Thanks Dennis Now Sold
  15. For sale a Lyman DPS 3 £170 +P&p Prefer collection. Please PM or email if interested email shootingdennis@gmail.com Dennis.
  16. shootingcharley

    Lyman DPS 3

    Final Price drop £ 140 Collected £150 posted. shootingcharley.
  17. shootingcharley


    Hi there wanted load data for l for 22BR 75 Amax THANKS Dennis
  18. shootingcharley


    Thank you all
  19. shootingcharley


    Thanks i was hoping to find someone who uses N140 or N135. Dennis.
  20. shootingcharley

    Archer nightvision add-on

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone on the forum has ever upgraded their archer lens to something like a Sony or a Pentax lens I would like to do this but I'm unsure of the fittings and the spec needed on the new lens to achieve better quality and the correct fit. Shootingcharlie
  21. Hi They are you are looking for a rail to fit your Ruger M 77/Short action rifle with the stepped action by that I mean where the mounts attach they will sit lower at the back than the front, if this is the case then I have what you want for sale £50 Plus P&P , Please email me for photo shooingcharley.
  22. shootingcharley

    Ruger M77

    Take a another look it clearly states WEST SOMERSET
  23. 3x12 X-Site Day/Night vision scope and Night vision Arrow will swap for a Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision, Both in good working order X site is just a few weeks old Can be sold separately or swap both for a Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision add on. X-Site £ 450 Arrow £ 250 Please PM or mail me if interested. Dennis. shootingcharley@gmail.com
  24. Night sight spotter for sale unmarked comes complete with hardcase and charger this unit has had very little use reason for sale very little time to use it. £530 or very near offer. Reply through the site using the PM system or email me at shootingcharley@gmail.com Thankes Dennis.
  25. shootingcharley

    Nosler Custom Brass.In .204 ruger

    Nosler Custom Brass. Hi guys i know this is a bit of a long shot but do any of you know of anyone who has some Nosler Custom Brass in .204 Ruger. Shootingcharley.

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