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Advice on 308 purchase

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I am gonna do a 1 for 1 variation on my ticket from a 223 to a 308 for stalking deer next year,so can anyone recomend me a 308 for between a budget of about £700/£1000...


The cheaper the better as i want to put a moderator on it,I already have the scope off my 223 so its just the gun i am after.....So whats the best out there for that price not fussed if its second hand as long as its in good nick .....


Cheers in advance Andy

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I guess a few people will say one of the remmy 700's.


My choice would be a Tikka i have a T3 in .243 and love it, It's a bit on the light side but accurate.


Or a second hand Sako 75 or 85, I have a 85 in 6.5x55 but ive not used it enough to comment on it only that it prints the usual less than 1" group @100yds on the range.



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As SeanC said really mate,


The tikka T3 is a very good gun for the money, fair enough maybe not the quality of a sako, but is still does the job very well, i would say say the Tikka T3 is a far better rifle from the factory that a remmy 700 in build quality, if its a dedicated deer rifle any you want a brand new one i'd go T3 however is your not fussed about second hand rifles try an find yourself an old school tikka or sako with a decent barrel!




You wont go far wrond with a 308 either mate, in my own opinion its one of the best deer calibers about!

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well the 223 i am trading in is a tikka t3 lite in stainless and laminated stock and i must admit i do like the gun . . But i do like to try new things but if thats the best option out there it could be another tikka

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hi andy,


depends what you want from a 308. you may not go far wrong with a second hand bsa or parker hale if only for ocassional usage or you might want something a bit more up to date ie as mentioned in other posts i would also add to that mix in saying have a look at the offering from howa as they are are as accurate as any others out there from the box and the price isnt bad for a new rifle niether.


personally started out with a bsa then moved on to a remmy 700 pss heavy barrel semi custom build fully bedded job out the box which is a joy to shoot if a tad heavy for highland stalking . i mention the howas as they are a better quailty finish than the 700 sps and when buying my 243 was a much beter feel than the remmy offering also if my 243 is anything to go by they are every bit as accurate as anything else out there.




ps as an extra bit of info if looking for a moderator on 30 cal i use a 12 baffle wildcat moderator the sound reduction over a 8 baffle is quite dramitic .

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I shoot a 6.5x55 Laminate Stainless T3, it's a very stable and accurate rifle. If I was to replace it I'd look for a used Sako if going used, new then another T3 or (don't laugh) a CZ!

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I know of a Sako 591 .308 that is to be sold in the near future, it is an original heavy barrel version of about 20 or 21" and has only ever been used to stalk deer. Round count is around 150 if I remember correctly.

The only reason he's parting with it is because he wants to go boar shooting regulary in France now he's keepering near the channel ports, and .308/7.62

is verboten for hunting in France, so he's going to change calibre for that reason.


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