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Larger Species & Long Range

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Before posting please remember the duty that we owe to our quarry,whatever species,the minimum of suffering.A long range shot on a Varmint the size of a rabbit/corvid invariably ends up with either a hit or miss.In most cases any sort of hit will either kill the quarry or at least render it immobile for a swift follow up shot.

Its been widely discussed on here that such shots on larger species do not carry anywhere near the amount of certainty of either of the two outcomes and although we know that we can make mistakes at shorter ranges the opportunity to rectify matters is far greater the nearer we are to the target

Andrew Venables,a vastly experienced deer manager,owner of the WMS Ranges and long range instructor recommends to "avoid shooting unwounded animals over 200 yards,300 if you are really good and practice a lot"

Our very own Brown Dog has produced the following piece regarding First Shot Hit Probability at long range here http://ukvarminting.com/forums/index.php?s...0#entry68599

You must decide the circumstance of your own shot and act accordingly and we are not telling anyone at what range they should be shooting larger beasts but if this is your bag ok then please respect the owners wishes and don't post them on here





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