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What's happening with Guntrader?

I went to edit an ad I had placed on there a week ago and the whole website has changed and my ads have gone.

Looks like only dealer ads on there and they aren't answering my emails. The recorded phone message says the same thing each time.

I don't live a sheltered life shooting wise, I had no idea a change was coming.

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I read the site had gone bust so I guess this is a new site they had ticking in the background,something to do with creditors data leaks and the like 

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Yeah, they had lots of problems with the data breach etc, but I've had a few ads on there for the last year or so and the site worked as always until this week. 

Looks like ive seriously missed something.

Thing is, they took the money for my ads less than a week before everything changed. Would have been nice if they had told me it was dealers only now. If this is actually the case.

Wondered if anyone else here have had problems or new anything else. A search came up with nothing.

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released earlier


Good Morning Guntrader Friends,
After the launch of the website, we expected one or two glitched which we thought we would be able to deal with quickly and smoothly with minimum impact on you guys.
We appreciate this was a frustrating time for you all and with that in mind we decided to revert back to the old website last night.
We would like to thank you for your patience and your continued support.
We hope to speak to you all over the week to receive feedback from you all.  
Warm Regards

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38 minutes ago, deadcenter said:

Thanks Dellboy.

i have no connection with them  but was considering using them for my trade adverts   the jury is still out on that ....


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