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Would like to try this and the RWS LR specific ammunition- but advertising for both seems to have proceeded by a long way the availability to Joe punter. No doubt a select few will have the opportunity to test.

At least it is nice to see manufacturers trying to fill the developing needs of shooters 😎👍.

Wonder if ELEY will make the effort 🤔

For ref. link to RWS offering :   https://www.all4shooters.com/en/shooting/ammunition/rws-r-plus-long-range-22-l-r-rimfire-cartridge-long-range-test-report/

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As a general FYI , I spoke with Lapua and RWS at the IWA last week.

Lapua’s  ‘long range’ is basically the same concept as RWS’s R100. - same bullet just going faster than normal match ammo.

RWS’s purpose designed long range ( new bullet) is freely available in Europe but will not be in UK until the changes due to Beretta’s purchase of RWS and swap of UK distributor is sorted.

The SK long range does seem to be performing well for other, I’m currently using R100 for LR but must give the SK a try.


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Looks like same bullet are the RWS LR specific offering (tail end design) and as you say same parent company as RWS which for UK means same issue re availability once the change over to Beretta’s UK distribution 🤷🏼‍♂️🙁

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