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Rolex Submariner Date Model 16610 purchased new in 1994

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This watch was purchased in 1994 after I qualified a an Engineering Officer of the Watch on a Resolution Class Nuclear Powered Submarine. It has spent almost 5 years under the North Atlantic on 14 Continuous at Sea Deterrent Operation Relentless Patrols and associated Training Periods on my wrist whilst serving in Resolution and Vanguard Class SSBNs.

Last time it was serviced by Rolex they informed me that the Bracelet needed to be replaced as it was too worn out for them to polish. At a quoted cost of nearly £2000 to replace the bracelet with a new one from Rolex I decided to see if someone else could work some magic and address the wear. After some research I sent the Bracelet to Seth at TheWatchDealer.co.uk for Bracelet restoration. Today the Bracelet came back, Seth does exceptionally good work, he does take his time as I suspect he's busy and I had to wait just over 4 months to get the Bracelet turned around.

Watch is now back together and will be passed onto my son when he nexts comes home from University as it was decided a while back it would make a suitable 21st Birthday present. I hope he looks after it.



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Lovely job indeed for a fine watch.  Your son should be proud to have it.

I wear my Rolex Explorer ii every day and serviced in Marple by Precision Watch Services (twice in 20yrs).  Both times came back 'like new'.  A good price too, £500 including a replacement winding mechanism (worn out).

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