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Blaser R8 Akila ACSR8 Mk2 Chassis System

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I have an Akila ACSR8 Mk2 chassis system for sale. New with polymer inserts and grip but has a couple of very small paint chips underneath the foreend. It has the foreend lite and the butstock M, and is cased with users manual.

Please note - this chassis has the metalwork/action machined into the one piece stock and the adjustable trigger sear included so you DO NOT need a donor rifle/action/metalwork like you do for a GRS or Raven, simply add your barrel, trigger unit and bolt assembly.

I use this system as my main culling rifle in 6.5PRC or 300 Norma Mag and it is exceptionally good for long range shooting with the function to change comb riser height, length of pull and height of the recoil pad.

The list price of these is 2475 polymer Euros plus UK VAT plus UK import duty which will take the price well in excess of £3k.

Pick up is welcome. Alternatively you can arrange your own postage or I’ll do an RFD transfer (even though it does not require RFD but it’s cheaper at about £35).

The link to the manufacturers website including a very useful YouTube video is here:


ACSR8 mk.2 – Akila

ACSR8 mk.
akila.ltd akila.ltd

Priced to sell at £2100.

There may also be the possibility to sell as a complete rifle with new 17mm 308 barrel, new 6.5 Creedmoor 17mm fluted barrel or a used (150 rounds) fluted 17mm 6.5PRC barrel  - PM if this is of interest.

Please note the system with the walnut inserts is not available. 






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