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American Rifle Company new action.


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On my tour of the internet I have come across this thread on the good old snipershide.com and excellent precision rifle community. For those adverse to the name of the website just ignore it and trust me on this one. 

The attached link is to the new American Rifle Company Coup de Grace action. This feature rich action appears to have the best of everything ever made. Be that a Mauser, Sako and Remmington. All for the princely sum of $899. Which yes will translate to double that once it lands in the U.K. but the features are unbelievable. Having read the thread there are plans for a light weight model. When this will materialise no one knows. But a hunter model of this action seriously peaks my interest. 

I have no idea who brings them into the country but have personally imported a rifle previously. There is mention of proof research prefit barrels being available in the future as well which would make for a good combination when imported together. 



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American Rifle Company actions are very good, I built one of the very first rifles in the UK on their original Mausingfield action back in 2016 and co-incidentally Ive got one almost finished at the minute for a customer. 

Hopefully these actions will find their way onto our shores sooner rather than later.

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I think this looks brilliant - a lot of amalgamation of the top features all in one action.

My only doubt is the optimisation for AW mags. Most chassis systems and bottom metal units on the market support AICS pattern mags. Few support AW mags.

It seems the action will work with AICS but with a number of caveats, including some additional fudging of AICS mags to get the bolt to ride properly.

To me, the above could be its weakness. Hopefully not. Time will tell.

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The AW mag is the same length and width as the AICS: bottom metals are fine though the length of the catch needs altering.

I have a Stiller cut for the AW, it needed a longer latch to push it tight to feed properly. KRG make a longer latch to suit their stocks...

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The top of the AICS mag has a crescent shape to match the bottom of the round Remington 700 action, whereas the AW is square, so the action needs a square notch to sit at the right height. Consequently as per the Coup ge Grace, if you run the AICS mag the square notch means that the mag can go too high and foul the bolt and then the fluting of the bolt catches and mangles the lips. Been there, done that!

I ended up selling all my AICS mags...

Anyway, the bolt on the CdG looks fatter than a normal 700 or clone (and it'd have to be to have 3 lugs) so the mag height would probably be a little lower.

There's an ancient definitive thread on the 'hide on mag differences:


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