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RS52 load data ?


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Hi got a 6.5x47 on 24” barrel which likes slower powders like N150 H4350 & RS60. I’m on RS60 for now but on this powder my best groups were down on starting loads of 38g-39g so not making use of powder. It’s maybe good for barrel & it shoots well for me with 123g eld-m bullets all I use with velocity of around 2710mv quite low but works. 

My main question is I’m playing with copper bullets & accuracy is great but performance on red deer poor the roe not so bad. I got RS52 also & was looking for any 47 owners using copper & same powder for data on 110g-120g copper bullets please. I have  Varget so got data & going to try tests with it but more to see if I boost velocity & bullet performance. As you know Varget is no more so either N540 or RS52 loads to start me off I don’t have N540 yet but looking at it as it do 22.250 also. I like RS powders but thinking going over to Vihtavuori as data a bit more I’m also thinking of dropping the 6,5x47 to go 6.5cm to get more velocity & jump up to 140g bullet for longer rage plinking as I get a good bit wind drift with 123g in 47. 

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Nowt wrong with the x47 and heavy bullets. Some of the smallest 600m and 1000m groups were done with the 140s. 
There are some who use 147s.

But, you need a slooow burning powder AND long barrel length to reap the benefits. 24” imho is just too short for the heavies.

I’ve had several x47s over the years, and still have a 26” Bartlein for my Defiance switch barrel and a 26” proof on another gun. I’ve found all barrels have worked well with 123g Scenars and N140 or RS52 and 139g Scenars with SO70 or RS62. 

It’s true the 6.5cm has a bit more capacity…but it operates at a lower pressure than the x47…so it sort of evens out I think. If you have a decent barrel length and use well stoked loads of appropriate slower burning powders with heavy bullets, the x47 will do anything you ask of it.

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Hi yes I get on with 123g & 130g lead stuff with my slower powder in N150 & what I used to use H4350 but no more. The RS60 is 38g-39g with everything I try. If I push it to 40g-41g groups are crap & my accuracy with 123g eld m & RS60 at 38.5g is 1/4” at 100m. My barrel hates faster powder  but holds 3/4” fine hence I wish to try with copper bullets for deer work & try boost velocity. I don’t want anymore barrel than 24” for stalking Scottish hill etc stalking its not for me & my copper on red deer so far with 6;5x47 has been poor if I’m honest so I’m looking to see if anyone using RS52 & copper bullets & what they load is & velocity etc as I find it poor what I’m on now. 

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