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I have been using RS powders for some time now. I have found them to be nice and accurate and don't stink as bad as some powders.

RS52 now seems to be unobtainium. I have some stock left and have been preying that it comes online before my stock runs out.

I got some Lovex D073.5 as a stopgap for my .303, rather than waste the 'good stuff' on something that's one up from a musket 😉 I made up some powder charge test loads just now and was pleased that not once did my RCBS chargemaster over-throw and I even fancy it was a tad quicker than with the RS powders. For those who haven't sought solace in Lustex powder, it is tiny little spheres, rather than the sticks I associate with RS powders. I have no idea how it performs in comparison with the RS powders and my beloved Lee Enfield is hardly the weapon of choice for judging powders 😂 Even though I have bolted on a scope for the purpose of load testing 😂 

Any thoughts on Lovex powders. It seems that Vihtavuori powders are very popular, if a tad expensive? The previous owner of my No 4 was feeding it Vit 140, but my local RFD and friend doesn't stock it and Lustex is loads cheaper.

I have been offered a loan of a book about how to make a Lee Enfield accurate, but it seems like a lot of work and each of myriad stages make only small improvements, but if you do them ALL you can get an one MOA rifle .... maybe one day 🤣 But not without a scope of an eye transplant in my case 😂

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