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How many rounds?

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On a good day out I’ll shoot off 200 rounds and have less fouling than that shown . Don’t like the look of the blue gunge . It could have been used and badly stored without any cleaning. A good clean and a check with a bore camera. 

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That is exactly my thoughts too. I regularly, on a monthly basis, shoot over 100 rounds and sometimes, as you, I have shot over 200 rounds and not been able to clean the barrel until the next day. I shoot in all weathers and even after being out on the range in torrential rain I have never seen this on my barrel. I haven’t always used a muzzle brake or moderator though, which I appreciate might trap more fouling on the muzzle.

When I took possession of my new rifle I shot over 400 rounds in my attempts to find ammunition that would group within 1MOA (it couldn’t get near 1MOA hence this barrel as a replacement). I cleaned the original barrel several times during those 400 rounds but didn’t take the muzzle-brake off on every occasion and at no time did it show this kind of fouling.

With regard to the Green gunge, I am told by one of the employees that is only copper reacting with cleaning solvent. I took the muzzle brake off to clean the barrel after I had shot 50 rounds and found this horror show.

I’m trying to get the company owner to contact me but he is ignoring me now. It’s a shame because several years ago I bought a semi-auto 22LR from these guys and back then they were good, which is why I went back to them for this 223. I wish I hadn’t now. I had been warned by some of my range colleagues that they were poor in customer service but refused to believe it as I’d had such a good experience with them before.

I don’t want to clean this stuff off as I am now in the process of trying to return the rifle for a refund. This is being stone-walled by the company and I may need to get the barrel inspected by an independent Armourer to support any legal process I may have to undertake. I have e-mailed the NRA to ask if their armourers would have a look at it and give their opinion on whether this barrel has shot more than 50 rounds or not.

I’m not sure I should name the company as they are one of the forum sponsors and it’s probably best not to but I do feel bad about that as others may get the same shoddy treatment I am getting and for a £2400 investment it’s very upsetting.

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