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Long Action Tikka T3 & Long COL


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Hi All, 

Does anyone here have experience running long COLs in LA T3s? Specifically, .300WM. 

All the chassis makers (bar Spuhr - £££ and SCSA - £) seem to only make their LA T3 chassis to take the 3.56" LA mags, rather than the longer 3.715" mags. 

An American company called Mountain Tactical makes a 3.715 AICS DBM that requires 40 thou to be taken off the front of the trigger housing, this supposedly allows you to run up to 3.6" COL. They leave the option of "notching" the feed ramp on the action itself up to you. Atlasworxs also make a DBM that will apparently also feed up to 3.6", but I've heard mixed things

I know that the T3 action is not the action of choice to run long-COL cartridges in, but it's what I've got!

Anyway - any experiences with modified actions etc?


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