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Stock / chassis recommendations for Ruger 10/22


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As title, I have just sold my semi-custom Ruger 10/22 (only standard parts were the receiver and bolt) and ordered a Rimfire Magic: Rimfire Magic Archives - Rimfire Magic (thought I would buy one before Roger finally decides to retire!). Therefore, looking for stock and/or chassis recommendations. The rifle will be used for general target shooting and any suitable competitions. 

I had a Magpul X-22 on the rifle I sold (liked it a lot, it was an upgrade to the Hogue stock I had previously fitted), but interested in other options. Considering the MDT LSS (however, been reading on-line of issues [Modular Driven Technologies MDT LSS-22 Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Review - Gear Report (gear-report.com)]) since I have the MDT LLSS chassis on my .22RF Ruger American, but I also quite like the MDT Oryx (but this option seems quite expensive).




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2 hours ago, Timbo1963 said:

Have a look at Tim’s stuff, he really puts a lot of work into his chassis and good prices as well.


XBM Engineering

Thanks, however, I don't do Facebook and I couldn't find a website :(

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13 hours ago, gazzarM1 said:

Got a Magpul myself and it certainly meets my needs…if you want a Hogue I have one sitting here surplus….


Thank you, however, I had a Hogue stock prior to the Magpul.

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6 hours ago, Latinee7 said:

Magpul Industries Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock is a very good option.

Thanks, that's the stock I had on the version I sold, I am just wondering if there is anything better. 

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