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AR15 that sucks a bit less


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AR 15s - I’m not a big fan of pot metal and plastic . That said I acquired this off a mate who never used it. I proceeded to add too much crap to it and made it a belly bench-rest  /tacticool thing.


This is non castrated. The DI gas system works (non U.K. resident). Rifle is JP SCR11 in 224 Valkyrie. It’s top tier along with the likes of Cobalt or Wilson. The main feature of the rifle is a left side non reciprocating charger  - think FN FAL (no stupid T handle). The gucci bits are JP eliminator brake, Luth stock,  RPI 6.8 mags, Caldwell case catcher, air gauged and cryo treated barrel with air fins bolted on (think air cooled lawnmower). Heavy assed mdt bipod and Radius laser. Scope and mount are Nightforce ATACR 7-35 and Spuhr 20moa cantilever mount with magpul k2+ grip and phase 5 BAD lever to be added. That’s a lot of lipstick on this pig.


Internals are JP silent capture spring system, JP adjustable gas block and JP trigger. I had planned on binning the JP trigger for a Tigger Tech but it was excellent so left it. Ar15 replacement triggers can be a double edged sword, lighter but often at the expense of reducing hammer spring weight…….the stronger the spring the faster the lock time.

A DI system AR is a balance of gas vs mass regulation- high speed gamers tend to use light or alloy bolt carrier groups to keep the rifle flat but you get into wanting more mass in the bcg  if there is a plan to use a suppressor. Full mass and variable mass bcg’s facilitate this. This rifle has a full-mass JP  bcg.

224 Valkyrie as a caliber soon became the red headed stepchild of the gun rag writers. The dream which I think it largely met was to give  1000m+ supersonic performance with a 90 grain high bc pill from a Ar15 mag. Early issues with primer pockets not lasting more than a few firings and accuracy / stability issues with the Sierra 90g mk went down like a lead balloon. Original h20 case capacity was quoted as 34.5g but measuring Hornady and Starline bass capacity is around 31.6 grains h20. 

At the moment I’ve only shot factory Hornady Match 88g Eldm’s through it at 75m to zero the scope and laser. It kept everything (once zeroed) inside a pistol patch without breaking the patch. It’s going to be accurate. Reasonable speeds too at 814 ms measured with a Labradar.

My hope is Viht n140 will be able to get close to the Hornady match. That’s this winters project and to get out to 1km.

The new hotness in the AR15 world is 6 ARC, ballistics are about the same as 224 V but 224V has a .420” bolt face and 6 ARC .440” bolt face. So more meat on the Valkyrie. 6.5 Grendel (.440) and now 6ARC seem to have a reputation for breaking bolt lugs……part of the fix being to set a max pressure of around 43k psi for gas guns. On the whole I’m happier not to have the issue with the 224 Valkyrie.

UK relevance- any of the bolt on goodies are the same. The left hand charging lever has a non folding version that could have some appeal if there is enough mechanical advantage  . Really it’s not doing anything out to 600m that a standard 223 won’t do with 77g MKs. 


On the plus side a round of Hornady 88g Eldm match ammunition cost the same a just the 285g Eldm bullet for 338 LM. Barrel life of 4K plus rounds is being banded about the internet so not a barrel burner anyway.


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