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Lee Enfield 303 handloads.


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I fired a few factory PPU 174 and a few handloads using n140 40g , PPU brass and 174g bullets yesterday .

Five clicks up for factory and 6-7 clicks up for handloads . That's at Bisley 200yards .

Talking to a colleague he uses 41.5g of n140 .

I intend to shoot from 100 to 500 yards . I assume I would have better velocity with 41.5g , which would mean less drop at 500 . Or will 40.0g be ok at 500 ? I have yet to try it 🙂


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Don't know if this helps but these are the results of my load testing, 5 rounds at each weight.  Usual health warning, these are presented for entertainment only, you should work up your own loads, these are my loads in my gun with N140 and PPU 174gn heads in PPU brass.

I was aiming for 2,470ft/s which is book speed but decided to use 41gn.  Its OK at 600yds, will try at 900 at some point this weekend.

40gn will be fine at 500yds


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13 hours ago, Frederick said:


13 hours ago, Frederick said:

Talking to a colleague he uses 41.5g of n140 .


Frederick, that's the exact load I use for my No.4 SR"b" rifle using Sierra Match Kings and the BES flat base bullet; works well out to 900 yards. I'm at 900 & 1000 this coming Wednesday with it;  for normal SR events, (not that I do the Methuen these days!) I use 40gr N140 with the PPU 174gr bullet, this is ok at 600 yards although from memory I recall 41.5gr was slightly better.

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