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New rifle build

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Ok, after doing some research I have decided that a full custom build might be the best way to go. I’ve always wanted something that’s a little tactical looking, but light enough to take stalking. Im going for 6.5 creedmoor, and like the sound of the carbon international barrels. The mdt hnt26 carbon chassis looks the dogs! And is very light weight! Now comes the action. I’m swaying towards the Terminus or defiance. The Terminus seems to have great reviews of being very smooth, which is something I’d like. However when looking on the website it states only .308 or .223. I have seen builds in 6.5 creedmoor so obviously can be done? Just wondering why it’s not offered as a option 

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15 hours ago, Rickyd said:

That’s perfect 😍 

what’s the grouping like compared to the other rifles?

It’s shooting lead free Nosler E-Tip factory ammo sub 1/2”. I’ve only got a dozen shots down it so far.


Most pleasingly it weighs just 11lb with a mod and double pull Cyke Pod.

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3 hours ago, triggersqueezer said:

charlts one extreme to the other .i could hardly pick up the last rifle of yours i held. if it is truly sub .50 you have my attention . would like a light sub .5 rifle 

You'll just have to pop over and have a play Mike. :)

It's about half the weight of my race guns!

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I wouldn’t discount other actions from the list


Impact Precision 




Both would be there with the others mentioned 

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CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

bradley1 200.jpg




valkyrie 200.jpg

tab 200.jpg

Northallerton NSAC shooting.jpg


dolphin button4 (200x100).jpg



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