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.224 Valkyrie.


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Forgive my ignorance !

Would a 22 Valkyrie in say a 55gr- 60gr bullet be a good alternative or an improvement on a 22-250 shooting 52gr-55gr ?

I know very little about the Valkyrie but was thinking along the lines of a multi functional .22 for short and long range vermin control. 

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Perhaps this has been done to death before so apologies.

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Issue with the Valkyrie is you need a 6.8SPC bolt face. If you already have a .22-250, the Valk wont work in your rifle without getting a new bolt or action (if using a non AR15 type pattern). 

IMHO, there is absolutely no point switching calibres (dies, barrel, bolt or action etc) just to fire a very similar bullet to what you have already.

The valk is really designed to shoot the 90gn bullets…the freebore and associated barrel twist is set up to do so. Putting a 50-60gn bullet in there is like the equivalent of buying a Ferrari only to put tractor wheels on it. Why go to all the bother and expense to hinder the performance for which it was designed.

If you’ve already got a .22-250, with a fast twist (1-8” or 1-7”) and what to shoot heavier bullets, just get the throat pushed out. 
Alternatively have a new barrel put on it, with suitably long throat and twist. The .22-250 is a great round but has always been hampered with it’s very short throat and very slow barrel twists - limiting it’s use to the light bullets. A longer throat and faster twist (say 1-7”) and it’ll easily handle anything up to the 88-90gn bullets if you so wish.

Thats what I’d do if I had a .22-250 with short throat and slow twist - new fast barrel with long throat. Use light bullets for close super fast flat shooting. Then heavies for long range work that cheat the wind better. Total flexibility without needing to change your dies, brass etc. 

Just my opinion. Good luck 👍

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