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So I ordered an ATX a while ago and received it about a month ago

The Creedmoor barrel was removed and sold on - I had no need for it 

The rifle stripped down and chassis parts sent for ceracoating at Liquid Steel Design who I use for my coating work 

I had already got a Sassen 7 twist on the shelf in ATX profile so once I had the action in hand I created the M27 x 2 thread checking size with appropriate gauges for a perfect fit to the action

The chamber created with a BBT reamer to my spec throating for up to  115g bullets

Finished at 26” with M18/1mm thread and a target slightly recessed crown 

Once the chassis was coated, reassembled all components and applied Bikt Hamber S50 to all fixings as the rifle will be used in all weathers 

A Sphur one piece mount was used to attaché the Kahles K525i (MSR2) scope 

The grip was changed from standard to a straight MDT which I like a lot

Initial load testing today with RS70 revealed adequate accuracy (sub 1/2 Moa) with almost zero vertical spread 

I believe the horizontal to be my doing partly down to a poorly adjusted grip being too close (didn’t take the right Allen key to ajust at the range) and my excitement 

I started out with moderate loads Whixh showed no sign of pressure and a revisit to the range with slightly larger charges is on the cards 

I see no reason why this shouldn’t give 3000 plus with the DTacs 

Bolt manipulation was muscle memory perfect from every other A I I’ve owned 


Mag feed and pickup faultless 


I love the rifles balance and recoil signature 


The rifle needs a folding mechanism for ease of cleaning and to remove the bolt 

The bolt can be removed by raising the cheek piece but to clean the gun properly the rear pad has to be dropped and cheek piece removed - hence the necessity for a folding mech 

Id suggest this should come as standard 










plenty of space for the DTacs 


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26 minutes ago, jcampbellsmith said:


Looking very good.

Best regards


Thanks John


Hope to see you at Eskdalemuir soon 

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24 minutes ago, lee w 118 said:

Tidy rosko Andy worth the wait 👍

Yes worth the wait - now waiting for a folding mech 😀

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The bag rider was a relatively cheap one from a UK company who make air rifle parts - it doesn’t have a locking peg on the picatinny fitment but so far it hasn’t moved at all 

Folding mech - yes absolutely must have for ease of bolt removal and cleaning - I’ve one ordered through Baldie which will arrive soon 

Ill also be adding a straight trigger blade from Alan Forster - whilst the trigger is good - I prefer a straight blade 



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Andy, I’ve got one of Alan’s trigger guard / AR grip conversations on my AXMC I’m very happy with it. A friend has an ATX with the AI match trigger in it. I’ll ask him if it’s worth the £500 over the standard one.

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  • 6 months later...

Cheers Derek


shoots very nicely and perfect for the intended use

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